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Best Costumes Starting With I for 2023

If you’re looking for the best costumes starting with I then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got heaps of great costumes that start with I for Halloween or any I dress up party or occasion. From book week to costume parties – we’ve got you covered.

There are costumes beginning with I for adults, kids, babies, pets and couples. There really is something for everyone. From easy, low-key costumes to stand out costumes that will stop traffic – you’ll find lots of ideas below.

Read on for fun dress up starting with I ideas from Iron man to ice cream – find the perfect costume that suits you. Get ready to find a fun fancy dress beginning with I costume to add to your wish list for Halloween or your next special occasion.

costumes starting with i

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Costumes Starting with I

Whether you are looking to buy or DIY a costume read on for some fun ideas.

In this article you’ll find letter I inspired:

  • Womens costume ideas
  • Mens costume ideas
  • Girls Halloween costumes
  • Boys Halloween costumes
  • Book week costumes
  • Plus size costumes
  • Pets costumes (cats and dogs)

If you need costumes for letter I party or Halloween or dress up starting with first letter of your name there are heaps of fun ideas below.

Costumes Beginning with I

All the costume ideas starting with I that are pictured in this article are available to purchase. You can find more details of each pictured costume by clicking on the photo and checking the item details and reviews.

We have many other costumes available that are not pictured by you can find them by clicking on the link at the bottom of each category. For example we may feature a picture of an adult’s costume that is also available for children too.

You can find all the costumes featured in this article and lots more right here.

These fun costumes are broken down into lists of categories such as things, food, celebrities, sport, animals and more.

Things Starting with I Costumes

  • iPhone
iPhone shirt
iPhone Shirt
  • Iceberg
iceberg cape
Iceberg Cape Costume
  • Ice
ice tshirt
Ice Tshirt
  • Injection
injection costume
Injection Costume
  • Infection
infection costume
Infection Costume
  • Inflatable
inflatable costume
Inflatable Costume

Other things starting with I costume ideas include:

  • iPod
  • Igloo
  • Iron
  • Ink
  • Inkpot
  • Ironing Board
  • Idol
  • Island
  • Influenza
  • Inn
  • Icepick
  • Image
  • Irregular triangle

Find all the things that start with I costumes right here.

Characters Beginning with I

  • Iron Man
iron man costume
Iron Man Costume
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider
Itsy Bitsy Spider Costume
itsy bitsy spider costume
  • Inspector Gadget
inspector gadget costume
Inspector Gadget Costume
  • It
It pennywise costume
It Pennywise Costume
  • Incredible Hulk
incredible hulk costume
Incredible Hulk Costume
  • Inn Keeper
inn keeper costume
Inn Keeper Costume
  • Invisible Man / Woman
invisible man costume
Invisible Man Costume

Other famous characters beginning with I costumes include:

  • Indiana Jones
  • Imp
  • Ice Queen
  • Impossibear
  • Iron Golem
  • Ice Princess
  • Izzy
  • Iroh
  • Iduna
  • Insectosaurus
  • Ichabod Crane
  • Isabella from Encanto

Find all the characters that start with I costumes right here.

Foods Starting with I Costumes

  • Ice Cream
ice cream costume
Ice Cream Costume
  • Ice Cream Sundae
ice cream sundae costume
Ice Cream Sundae Costume
  • Iced Coffee
iced coffee costume
Iced Coffee Costume
  • ICEE Blue

icee blue costume

Other food starting with I costume ideas include:

  • Instant Oats
  • Iceberg Lettuce
  • Ice Cream Cake
  • Ice Cream Soda
  • Iced Tea
  • Instant Noodles
  • Incaberry
  • Italian Parsley
  • Icing

Find all the food that starts with I costumes right here.

Couple Costumes Starting with I

  • Italian Meatballs
italian meatballs couple costume
Italian Meatballs Couple Costume

Animals that Start with I Costumes

  • Iguana
iguana costume
Iguana Costume
  • Imperial Moth
imperial moth costume
Imperial Moth Costume
  • Ibis
  • Insects
  • Impala

Find all the animals beginning with I costumes right here.

Pet Costumes Beginning with I

  • Ice cream
dog ice cream costume
Ice Cream Costume for Pets
  • Iced Latte 
Dog Iced Latte Costume
Iced Latte Costume for Pets
  • Iron Man
dog iron man costume
Iron Man Costume for Pets
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider
dog spider costume
Itsy Bitsy Spider Costume for Pets
  • It (Pennywise)
dog pennywise costume
It Pennywise Costume for Pets
  • Incredible Hulk

Find all the pet costumes starting with I right here.

Job Costumes that Start with I

  • Influencer
  • Immunologist
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Ice Cream Truck Driver
  • Immigration Officer
  • Impersonator
  • Interpretor
  • Intern
  • Ice Cream Vendor
kids ice cream vendor costume
Ice Cream Vendor Costume

Celebrities Starting with I Costumes

  • Ice Cube
  • Ice-T
  • Idris Elba
  • Isla Fisher
  • Ingrid Bergman
  • Isabella Rossellini
  • Iggy Azalea
  • Iggy Pop
  • Ivanka Trump
  • Imran Khan
  • Ivan Lendl

Historical Figures Costumes Starting with I

  • Issac Newton
  • Ivan Pavlov
  • Ivan the Great
  • Ivar the Boneless
  • Immanuel Kant

Sport Starting with I Costumes

  • Ice Hockey
  • Ironman
  • Inline Skating
  • Indoor Cricket
  • Ice Skating
ice skating costume
Ice Skating Costume

Countries Starting with I Costumes

  • Italy
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Israel
  • Ireland
  • Iceland

Why not wear a shirt featuring a flat of one of the countries listed above?

irish flag
Irish Flag Costume

Find all the fun costumes and fancy dress beginning with I right here.

Baby Costumes that Start with I

  • Inspector Gadget
  • Ice Cream
  • Incredible Hulk
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider
baby itsy bitsy spider costume
Itsy Bitsy Spider Costume for Baby

Find all the baby costumes that begin with I right here.

 Colors starting with I Costume Ideas

  • Ivory
  • Ink
  • Indigo
  • Ice Blue

Why not wear a costume in one of the colors above? Perhaps a morphsuit or a cape for an easy costume idea. 

Easy Costumes that Start with I

If you are looking for some super easy costumes starting with I then look at the fun t-shirt ideas below. There is nothing better than a t-shirt and jeans for a quick and easy costume – and it totally counts! 

  • I’m Fine Shirt
im fine shirt
I’m Fine Tshirt


Image Tshirt
Image Tshirt


iron man tshirt costume
Iron Man Tshirt
incredible hulk tshirt
Incredible Hulk Costume

Or if all else fails why not look at a letter I tshirt

letter I shirt
Letter I Tshirt

Planning a costume party? Check out the best fancy dress themes for adults.

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Halloween Costumes for Big and Tall Guys

I sincerely hope you have found some fun costumes that start with I for the whole family. Please pin this post so that you can find us for Halloween or your next dress up occasion.

costumes that start with i

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