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Elf on the Shelf Letters to Santa – 6 Free Printables

If you’re looking for some super fun Elf on the Shelf letters to Santa, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got 6 free printable letters to Santa Elf on the Shelf can bring during December.

We all love the Elf on the Shelf, but did you know that your Elf can also help make sure that your child’s Christmas wishes come true? With these free printable Elf on the Shelf letters to Santa, it’s easy and fun for your Elf to deliver a special wish list directly to Santa overnight!

Simply print out one of our Santa elf letter template ideas and leave it next to your elf. Have your child fill in the letter and your Elf will deliver it back to Santa the following night. Easy peasy!

Make Elf on the Shelf Even More Magical with Letters to Santa!

elf on the shelf letters to santa

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Elf graphics in printables courtesy of drewbdoodles 

Elf on the Shelf Letters to Santa

Elf on the Shelf letters to Santa are super simple — all you have to do is print out one of our free printables and leave it next to your elf. Have your child write a letter or their Christmas wishlist. Overnight, your elf will carry these letters back up to the North Pole where they will be delivered directly to Saint Nick himself!

This magical tradition adds an extra layer of excitement as kids await their gifts under the tree. Plus, it helps keep them in line during this busy time of year so they can make sure they’re still on Santa’s nice list.

These printables are designed with just enough space for a few wishes—not too much that it overwhelms children, but enough space for them to really think about what they hope for this holiday season.

elf on the shelf letters to santa

We offer two styles of letters— the first type has a wishlist (Santa letters 1-3) and the second type has space to write a free-form letter (Santa letters 4-6) to Santa if your child would prefer to do that.

santa letter for elf on the shelf

Your child will love writing out his or her wish list in anticipation of all the presents they’ll receive on Christmas morning! Plus, it’s an excellent activity for developing fine motor skills as children practice their handwriting.

Alternatively, you can find other ways to use these letters depending on each family’s preferences. Ideas include having older kids write Christmas stories to Santa instead of wish lists or having younger children draw pictures instead.

Letters to Santa Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf letters to Santa adds a bit of fun to your family Christmas celebrations. It also encourages children to think about what they really want for Christmas instead of just listing off their favorite toys or whatever else may come instantly to mind when asked what they want from Santa Claus this year.

Plus, since these letters are so quick and easy—not to mention totally free—they’re perfect for busy parents who may not have much extra time around the holidays but still want their children to experience some holiday magic!

And they’re a great Elf prop for a night where you are running out of ideas for your elf antics. Simply leave one next to your Elf with a pencil for your child to fill in the next morning.

Check this amazing list out for some more (100+) easy and quick Elf on the Shelf ideas.

Elf on the Shelf Letters to Santa Instructions

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the download links for all 6 different Elf on the Shelf letters to Santa. Choose your favorite or grab them all!

These can be printed on Letter or A4 size paper. You can print them at home or at a local print store…or do a sneaky print at work. They look great in color but are fine in black and white as well. Make sure that your printer settings are set to ‘portrait orientation’ and that ‘fit to page’ is selected in your printer settings.

Once you’ve printed them you can even add glitter or sparkles to your letter. Not only will it look beautiful, but it will also give your little one an extra bit of magical feeling when they wake up in the morning! Either pop it in an envelope with glitter inside the letter that explodes when your child opens it…if you dare!!! The glitter can be a cheeky Elf prank! Alternatively add some glitter glue if you want less mess!

letters to santa elf on the shelf

Santa Letter for Elf on the Shelf

Writing a letter to Santa gives kids a chance to be creative and think of fun gift ideas that could potentially be shared with friends and family members. With our free printable Santa letter for Elf on the Shelf ideas, you can make it easier than ever for your child to get their wishes straight into Santa’s hands!

Their much-loved Elf express delivers letters for them – no need to worry about postage to the North Pole.

The first three letters are the Elf on the Shelf Christmas wish list letters. They each have an area for their 5 favorite gifts to be filled in by your child, as well as an area for your child to sign their name.

Letter 1

santa elf letter template

Download one or all of these fun Santa letters delivered by your Elf. Download links are at the bottom of the page.

Letter 2

elf on the shelf christmas wish list

Find the links to the letters to Santa Elf on the Shelf printables at the bottom of the page.

Letter 3

santa letter for elf on the shelf

The next 3 Elf on the Shelf letters to Santa are free-form letters. These are great for kids to write whatever they like to Santa or simply draw a picture if they prefer. Your trusty Elf will deliver the letter to the North Pole by overnight Elf Express mail.

Letter 4

santa letter elf on a shelf

Download one or all of these Santa Letter Elf on a Shelf overnight delivery guaranteed. Download links at the bottom of the article.

Letter 5

santa elf letter template

Letter 6

letters to santa elf on the shelf

Making Santa’s wish list easier doesn’t have to be a chore – especially when you use our free printable elf letters! Plus, using our elf letters ensures that their wishes get right into Santa’s hands before he puts together his list of presents this year! So why wait – get started today and make sure everyone gets exactly what they wanted for Christmas!

‘Tis the season for fun and festive family traditions, and if you’re looking for a new tradition that is sure to get your kids excited, consider adding an Elf on the Shelf letter to Santa.

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santa letter for elf on the shelf

Adding Elf on The Shelf letters to Santa into your holiday festivities is a great way to make things even more magical this holiday season.

With these free printables below, it takes only minutes for you to create personalized wish lists for your children quickly and easily! So why not give it a try with your family this year? You won’t regret it!

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elf on the shelf letters to santa

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Download your Elf on the Shelf letters to Santa below.

Letter 1

Letter 2

Letter 3

Letter 4

Letter 5

Letter 6


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