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Best Black Party Themes (Great ideas for your next party)

Black Party Theme

If you’re looking for the color black party themes then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find lots of all black party ideas to quickly and easily theme your next party.

A black themed party is not just for Halloween, they are great for a birthday party and any other special event celebration or occasion.

You’ll love these fun party ideas for adults and children – there’s something here for everyone. You’ll find lots of decorations, food and drink ideas and party favors. Read on for some great black theme party ideas.

Black Party Themes

All Black Party Themes

Best reasons to have a black party theme

As black is a color without having color it can either be a dark party theme think goth type party or a very elegant party theme or modern party idea. Black doesn’t have to be just about Halloween either, it’s a bold, dramatic color that makes a statement.

It also doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Whilst this article does focus on all black party themes you can easily mix in some other colors to highlight the black tones such as silver, gold, white, red, pink and more.

For adults, you could also have a blackjack party incorporating both red and black into your party theme. Black tie party themes are popular if you wanted a more formal party where everyone dresses up to the nines.

Or just celebrate your love of the color black. It’s an easy party theme for adults and even teens will appreciate this theme as it’s not over the top and it gets away from some of the more commercial party themes.

A color theme like black is a great party theme to have when you’re not really wanting a party theme, yet you’d like a cohesive style for your party. You could have a black theme birthday party, or a celebration for any special occasion.

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Black Party Ideas Balloons

What is special about black?

The color back symbolizes status, power, formality and more importantly for parties it also exudes sophistication and elegance and prestige.

What are the main shades of black?

  • Ebony
  • Charcoal
  • Black bean
  • Black olive
  • Onyx
  • Jet black
  • Licorice
  • Raven
  • Ink

Read on to get some great black party theme ideas and you’ll be set for your next celebration.

What to wear to a black party?

It’s easy to find some black items of clothing in your wardrobe for a black party theme. Either ask your party guests to wear one item of black clothing or all black.

Or black tie, if you wanted a more formal affair. Of course, for girls, there’s always the little black dress to wear.

Black Party Decorations

All Black Party Decorations

If you’re after a modern and striking party look then you’ll definitely want to use some all black party decorations to set the scene. 

There are lots of fun black party decorations here to quickly and easily style up your party, no matter what type of celebration you’re planning.

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If you’re looking for a signature piece to decorate your party, then you’ll love this stunning black ostrich feathers centerpiece. It’s the perfect decoration that you will still want to display in your house long after the party is over.

Black party decorations centerpiece ostrich feathers

Black Party Balloons

If you thought balloons were boring think again. Black party balloons can really add some style to the look of your party. There are a lot of stylish balloon garlands here to absolutely wow your guests, that are black mixed in with other colors like white and gold.

Or if you’d prefer to stick to the all black party decorations there are some great giant balloons that definitely make an impact like these below. Balloons are an easy and must-have decoration for any black theme birthday party.

36 inch Glitz and Glam Tassel Tail Black Giant Balloon for Halloween Party Wedding Decoration (3 Pack)

Black Themed Party

Black Party Food

An amazing way to compliment your black party theme is to add black party food ideas to your menu. Obviously I’m not meaning for you to serve burnt steak and sausages.

There are some very fun and creative food ideas below that could suit adults and kids. Or alternatively, just grab some black tableware for your party and serve whatever food you like.

The first and possibly easiest idea is to serve sushi and most kids love it too. For extra points serve the sushi with black seaweed to go with your party theme.

Black party food ideas sushi

Other party food ideas include vegemite scrolls (if you’re in Australia you’ll know about these). For finger foods serve dried seaweed snacks or black olives in little bowls.

For a bigger meal, burgers are always a popular party food so you could serve black burgers with the signature black bread if you can find it. They look fantastic and will be a crowd-pleaser for sure.

Black party food ideas black burger

Another easy party food idea is to serve pizza with lots of black olives. Black pasta is also definitely a thing – you could whip this up to serve with your favorite pasta sauce.

Black rice is also very popular so why not make a huge paella. Paella is such a fun party dish to serve as you can make heaps quite easily and it’s easy to serve in bowls as a party meal.

Black party food ideas - black rice paella

And now to black party themed desserts. Even though it’s not Halloween you could still serve black candy apples. They look amazing and double as a stunning table decoration too.

Another fun and easy sweet treat is a stack of Oreos.

Black party food ideas - black candy apples

For something more decadent, a black forest cake would be an amazing choice and crowd-pleaser for those who like a sweet, rich dessert.

Black forest cake

Of course, you could easily make any sort of cake or slice with a black glaze or black icing.

If you’re looking for a quick party hack to decorate cakes, slices, cookies, cupcakes and even ice cream then you must check out these amazing black sprinkles. They come in varieties such as black pearls, black and gold mix, black confetti hearts, black and silver, black and white, midnight rose, black sparkling sugar and more.

They are all edible and look fantastic!

More Black Party Ideas

Black Party Drinks

Black party drinks are going to be the easiest part of your party preparation. Grab some blackcurrant juice (add some vodka for the adults) or cola drinks and you’re on theme already.

black party drinks

You could also make black sangria or a black party punch or blackberry cocktail. Of course, black Sambuca is an option for the adults too and black vodka.

It’s also easy to make any clear drinks match your black party theme as well. Just add blackberries. You could also serve black tea or iced tea as another drink option.

black party drink ideas

Black Candy Buffet

A black candy bar is a super fun way to theme up a party table and even better it doubles as a party favor for your guests too.

Simply fill some glass bowls or jars with licorice and other black candy for your guests to help themselves to throughout the party. Provide some little black party bags like these ones here and also some serving scoops.

Black candy buffet

Black Party Themes

If you were looking for some more black party ideas beyond just being about the color black, you could expand upon this theme by incorporating elements of the following party ideas.

Black Friday Party

This party theme is probably more about shopping than anything else, but why not theme it black for a little fun. Invite your favorite people over (who share your love of shopping) and do some bargain hunting. BYO laptops or iPads.

Blackjack Party

A blackjack party theme is a fun party choice for adults. Set up a couple of tables and organize someone to be the dealer for the night.

Decorate with lots of black and red and even ask people to wear their favorite color (as long as it’s black or red!).

blackjack party

Goth Party

A goth party would be easy to theme with lots of black decorations, candles and have everyone wear dark colors.

Black tie party themes

Black-tie parties are probably more around the dress code than the party itself. Styling a black-tie party with predominantly black decorations will add to the modern feel of the party.

black tie party themes

Check out our other fun color party themes.

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I sincerely hope you enjoyed these fun ideas for black party themes.  Enjoy your party!

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