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White Party Themes (for your best party ever)

If you’ve been looking for some ideas for white party themes, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find lots of ways to quickly and easily style a white party theme for maximum effect and minimum effort. There are white party ideas for adults and children – can be styled easily for either.

The majority of the ideas here relate to an all white party theme, however you could easily add in other colors for contrast such as black, silver or gold.

white party themes

All white party themes don’t have to be hard to style, you’ll find lots of decorations below to make your party look great on any budget.

White Party Themes

White party themes are very much on trend at the moment as a very chic option and it’s not just about an all white birthday party theme. Also, white party themes are being embraced as a wedding color, where guests are asked to wear white as well as the bride! White baby showers are replacing a more dated gender-neutral yellow color theme.

White themes are also popular for baptisms, Christenings and first communions. All white theme party options are also popular for birthday parties and other celebrations where people are choosing white as their main color theme.

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white party balloons

What are the different colors of white?

  • Bright white
  • Off-white
  • Ivory
  • Eggshell
  • Cream
  • Vanilla

Read on to get some great white party theme ideas and you’ll be set for your next celebration.

White Party Theme

All White Party Outfits

What to wear to a white party? You can find some all white party outfits right here to suit any white theme party dress code. The party host will usually specify on the invitation the dress code whether it be formal or more casual.

all white party outfits

White Party Invitations

You can find so many stunning all white party invitations here that will suit many a special occasion from birthdays to engagement parties or weddings.

white party invitations

White Party Decorations

All white party decorations can really set the scene to make your party look amazing. Read on for some easy white party decorations ideas that are quick and fun to easily style a party no matter how big or small your event. You can find lots of white party decorations here such as beautiful lights, pom pom garlands, paper fans and more.

LIHAO White Hanging Paper Lanterns for Wedding Party Decoration, 4 Size - 10 Piece


White party lights like these ones here don’t need just to be for weddings they can decorate a party background for other special events too and they don’t cost the earth.

Or if you’d like a white shimmer background for behind the party table area you can find an amazing one here to instantly level up the party area.

12" White Tissue Pom Poms DIY Hanging Paper Flowers for Party Decorations, 12 pcs

White Party Centerpieces

If you’re looking for a party decoration that you can still use long after the party is over, you’ll love these stunning white table centerpieces.

white table centerpieces

White Party Balloons

If you thought balloons were boring think again. Check out these stunning white confetti balloons or these amazing balloon garlands to wow your party guests.

For a nighttime event, you can’t go past these stunning white LED balloons.

white LED balloons

If you are celebrating a birthday party you will definitely want to check out these unique white foil number balloons. These number balloons are great as you can’t often find them in the color white.

Ideas for White Party

All White Party Food Ideas

If you wanted to serve some white themed party food at your party, you’ll need to think about what foods are white. All white party food ideas include rice, sugar, milk, yoghurt, vanilla ice cream, mashed potato, cauliflower, mushrooms, and some cheeses. Fish, chicken and turkey are also white and could be served with mashed potatoes, potato salad or rice salad, and crusty white bread.

all white party food ideas

For the main meal or more substantial snacks for your party guests, you don’t have to have all of the food white. The easiest way to be on theme is to serve food on white platters and have lots of white tableware. The tableware can either be disposable or proper dinnerware set if you don’t mind the washing up. Also, a white table skirt like this one here will instantly dress up the party food area.

all white party food sandwich platter

For white themed party food it’s quite easy to have an array of snacks including a white cheese platter or simply a platter of sandwiches or wraps made with white bread. Of course, the easiest snack idea is popcorn and nuts such as cashews and macadamia and white potato chips.

white themed party food

For white party food dessert ideas, easy sweet treats could be marshmallows, white wafers or rice cereal crispy slice. Amazing white desserts would include cheesecake, creamy rice pudding, and pavlova. Of course, you could decorate any cakes or slices or cookies with white icing…and don’t forget about the white sprinkles.

Sprinkles are such an easy way to quickly decorate cakes, slices, cookies, brownies or even ice cream. Check out these amazing white sprinkles that include stars, hearts, white pearls, gold and white, llamas, white and silver, frosted medley, chunky white sugar, and more.

white sprinkles

White Party Drinks

Any sort of milk drink would be a simple white party drink solution so vanilla milkshakes could easily save the day for kids. For adults why not try making snowflake martinis. You could also decorate water bottles with a personalized white label to match your party theme.

white party drinks vanilla milkshake

White Birthday Cake

A fun way to create a white birthday cake is to use white icing on a white butter cake and then hide rainbow sprinkles inside that are not seen until you cut the cake.

vanilla cake with sprinkles

White Party Favors

Unique ideas for white party favors for a white birthday theme or a wedding or bridal/baby shower include:

However, the easiest idea for white party favors is to have a white candy buffet for your party guests to help themselves to some delicious sweet treats to take home. And the candy buffet looks great in your main party area to double as a decoration.

White Candy Buffet

Stock up your white candy buffet with some delicious white chocolate treats and lots of varieties of white candy including gummy bears, gumballs, lifesavers, and more. You’ll want to display them in clear glass containers and also some white scoops to help your guests grab some sweet treats.

white candy buffet

White Party Pinata

Another fun idea for a white party theme is to have a white party pinata. These not just for kids, they can be fun for adults too. Check out this stylish white moon crescent pinata and also this stunning white cube pinata. They look great hanging in a party area and double as a decoration.

If you were looking for some more white party theme name ideas beyond just being about the color white, you could expand upon this theme by incorporating elements of the following party ideas.

Winter Wonderland Party

A winter wonderland party of course would incorporate a lot of white. This party theme can also be used for a first birthday party and named a winter onederland party.

Hamptons White Party

A Hampton’s white party is very popular at the moment. To decorate think modern-day Gatsby party styled in white, beachside or poolside or outdoors if possible. This is definitely an indoor meets outdoor party.

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I sincerely hope you enjoyed these ideas for white party. Enjoy your special celebration!

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All White Party Ideas

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