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The Best Yellow Party Themes

If you’ve been looking for some fun ideas for yellow party themes, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find lots of yellow theme party ideas for adults and kids, there are ideas here for everyone. We have some great ideas for you on how to decorate for a yellow party plus some super fun yellow party food ideas and more.

These ideas are great for a yellow themed birthday party or any type of special celebration. A yellow party is not just for birthdays – they are fun to theme up for any occasion. These yellow party ideas are timeless and great for kids of all ages, and the adults will love them too. 

Yellow Party Themes

A yellow party theme doesn’t have to be hard to style, you’ll find lots of fun yellow party decorations and yellow food ideas here. Read on for some super fun yellow theme ideas.

Best reasons to have a yellow party theme

Yellow themes are great if you want to get away from the typical commercial party themes for kids and would prefer to theme it with their favorite color. Also it can be a minimalistic party as you can make it as low-key or styled up as you like – either way it will look great.

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yellow birthday party

Meaning of the color yellow

Yellow is the color of happiness, sunshine, energy and positivity, and increased mental clarity.

What are the different shades of yellow?

  • Lemon
  • Amber
  • Blonde
  • Mustard
  • Honey
  • Pineapple
  • Canary
  • Gold
  • Bumblebee
  • Sepia

Read on to get some great yellow theme party ideas and you’ll be set for your next celebration.

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Yellow Party Ideas

What to wear to a yellow party?

Yellow themed party outfits can be as fun and bright as you like. You can either dress up in all yellow or find a few highlight pieces to add to your outfits such as scarves, oversized sunnies, hats or even funny wigs. There are a lot of yellow costumes, clothing pieces and accessories right here if you get stuck on what to wear.

Yellow Party Invitations

A yellow party invitation is a great way to set the scene for your yellow party. If you want your party guests to wear yellow then make sure you ask them to wear something yellow by noting it on the invitation There is a really great selection here of yellow invitations here including floral, sunshine, stripy yellow, emoji and more.

Yellow Party Decorations

The easiest way to set the scene of your yellow party theme is with lots of yellow party decorations. Now they don’t have to be all yellow, you can add some other colors in too if you’d like a bit of variation. Popular looks are yellow and white, pink and yellow, blue and yellow, yellow and black, or even black white and yellow.

yellow party ideas

There are lots of amazing yellow party decorations here to quickly and easily theme up your party such as banners, fans, streamers and more.

However, for my favorite decoration idea you just can’t go past this stunning yellow paper garland that would suit any yellow party.

yellow party decorations paper garland

Yellow Party Balloons

If you thought balloons were boring, think again. There are lots of fun variations of yellow balloons here.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for some amazing balloon garlands to wow your party guests there are so many stunning balloon garlands right here.

FOTIOMRG 110pcs Yellow Balloon Garland Arch Kit, 18 12 10 5 inch Yellow Latex Balloons Different Sizes Pack for Birthday Graduation Baby Shower Wedding Sunflower Minions Bee Party Decorations

You just can’t go past yellow balloons to quickly and easily decorate a yellow theme birthday party.

Yellow Theme Party Food and Drink

Yellow Party Food

So what foods are yellow? Lots! Lemon, corn, pineapple, mango squash, bananas, corn chips, tacos, pasta, cheese, curry, hot chips, cookies, cereal, croissants, and custard.

Snacks: Corn chips and cheese dip (think chile con queso), cheese platter, curry deviled eggs, french fries, potato chips, pretzels. So many snacky treats have a yellow hue, so this part is easy.

If you are looking at serving a meal at your yellow party, you can’t go past cheese pizza with garlic bread or a delicious nachos platter or even macaroni and cheese. All of these are super easy party food ideas and are definitely crowd-pleasers. And you’ll be on theme without even trying!

yellow foods nachos platter

Don’t forget to grab some yellow tableware for your party table such as napkins, disposable plates, cutlery, table cloths etc.

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Yellow Party Food Desserts

There are so many delicious and yellow options to serve as a fun dessert at your party. Firstly, let’s get the healthy option out of the way. Why not make an amazing fruit salad with banana, pineapple, mango, peach, and anything else you’d like to add. The kids might like to add yellow Jell-O or icecream.

yellow foods lemon tart

Other amazing yellow dessert ideas include lemon meringue pie, baked cheesecake, creme caramel, lemon tart, yellow donuts or yellow macarons.

Of course, you can easily add to your dessert option a bit by mixing the feature yellow color with chocolate for that added sweetness like the amazing dessert table below.

yellow party foods

The easiest yellow party food is to add yellow icing to cakes, slices, cookies etc. To make this even more effective and easy, why not add some fun yellow sprinkles to your sweet treats. These sprinkles are great on cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and even ice cream for a fun yellow theme to your desserts.

You can find an amazing variety of SUPER-FUN edible yellow sprinkles here. There are so many variations including yellow sanding sugar, pina colada, bananas, lightning,  yellow and blue, black and yellow, yellow pearls, yellow and gold, white and yellow and more.

Yellow sprinkles for yellow party food

Yellow Theme Birthday Cake

yellow birthday cake

A yellow theme birthday cake could be as easy as serving a delicious baked cheesecake, or a cake decorated with sunflowers or delicious yellow icing.

yellow theme party ideas

Yellow Party Drinks

For adults, beer, wine and champagne are all the perfect choice for a yellow party drink. For something non-alcoholic, there is always pineapple juice, apple juice, pear juice, lemon soda, fresh lemonade and more.

Also, serve a jug of lemon water for your guests to keep them hydrated throughout your party. And have a few whole lemons to decorate your party table for an easy decor idea.

Or how about a margarita in a cute disposable yellow glass?

Tioncy 48 Pcs Plastic Margarita Glasses 12 oz Disposable martini glasses plastic cocktail glass plastic martini glasses Bulk for Party Wedding Mexican Theme Carnivals(Yellow)

Yellow Party Favors

Okay so you have sorted out what to wear, and food to serve at your party, the next thing to think about is the party favors.

You can find many bright and yellow party favors right here including party bags and trinkets. Of course there are a lot of emoji type trinkets to add that are yellow.

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Yellow Candy Buffet

If you can find all yellow candy you can theme up an awesome yellow candy buffet that also doubles as a great party favor. You’ll need lots of clear jars and containers to serve the candy in and grab some yellow scoops to add to the yellow theme.

yellow themed party ideas

Also, you can find lots of varieties of yellow candy here to stock up your candy buffet such as yellow M&M’s, Skittles, Lemonhead candy, Starburst, gumballs, lollipops and more.

Yellow Theme Ideas

If you were looking for some more yellow party ideas beyond just being about the color yellow, you could expand upon this theme by incorporating elements of the following parties.

Minions Party

A Minions party will definitely look great styled as a blue and yellow party to suit the color of the minions. There are heaps of Minions party supplies here.


Sunshine Party

A sunshine party or ‘you are my sunshine’ party is a popular and fun party theme that also incorporates a lot of yellow! You could also have a Good Morning Sunshine party with a brunch theme.

JOGAMS Retro Nude Orange Yellow Balloon Garland Arch Kit for Here Comes the Son Baby Shower First Trip Around the Sun Sunshine Theme Birthday Groovy Party Decorations

Sunflower Party

A sunflower party is a great party theme for all ages and so easy to decorate with some fresh flowers and lots of yellow decorations.

yellow sunflower party


Yellow Themed Baby Shower

If you don’t know the gender yet, a yellow baby shower theme is a safe bet.

Yellow Bee Balloon Garland Arch Kit with 144Pcs Blush White Brown Gold Latex Balloons For Sweet Sunflower Themed Baby Shower Wedding Birthday Gender Reveal Party Decorations (Yellow White Coffee)

Lemon Themed Party

A lemon themed party could be great for a baby shower, bridal shower or birthday party. Don’t miss these great lemon decor ideas right here to quickly and easily theme this party.

lemon themed party

Don’t miss our other fun color party themes.

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I sincerely hope you enjoyed these yellow party themes. Enjoy your party!

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