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Best Red Party Theme Ideas

If you’ve been looking for some red party theme ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find lots of red party ideas to quickly and easily theme your next party.

There are red birthday theme ideas as well as ideas that would suit any other special occasion or celebration. A red theme party is a great way to celebrate your love of the color red and it doesn’t have to be all or nothing as red goes with so many other colors.

The ideas listed here that would suit both adults and kids – so there’s something here for everyone to make your party awesome.

Red Party Theme

Red party themes are a fun and easy way to style up a party quickly and easily with the wow factor! So roll out the red carpet and read on for your best party ever.

Red Party Theme

Best reasons to have a red party theme

Red party themes are really easy to style up and you’ll find lots of great ideas below. A color theme is great if you wanted to try something different than the usual commercial party themes and celebrate a favorite color.

A red theme is also an easy way to have a minimalistic party yet still have everything look great really quickly and easily. If you’re not wanting to go in with some all red party ideas you could mix in some white, black or gold to still incorporate the richness of this bright color.

Red party ideas for kids

For adults you could have a blackjack (red and black) party, or a celebrity red carpet theme is always fun. Red is also associated with Valentine’s Day so that is also a popular party theme to decorate with red. For kids a fireman party is often decorated with predominantly red.

Red is a vibrant and bright party theme idea so go ahead and have fun with it. They don’t say go and paint the town red for nothing! Read on for some more red theme party ideas.

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What is the meaning of the color red

The color red is very symbolic and can convey a lot of meaning. The brightness of red symbolizes energy, power, strength and determination.

It also has a strong meaning around love, passion and desire.  It is a color of high visibility and stops traffic literally…so it is definitely a great color for a party theme with emphasis!

What are the main shades of red?

  • Scarlet Red
  • Crimson Red
  • Brick Red
  • Fire Engine Red
  • Ruby Red
  • Magenta
  • Maroon

Red Theme Party

What to wear to a red party?

You should wear red of course. You could decide whether your guests are to wear all red or just items of clothing that are red such as a hat or scarf or shoes!

Red Party Decorations

To prepare for a fun red party theme you’ll definitely need some great party decorations to liven up the party area. You could go all red, or with a hint of white, gold or black.

You can find many amazing red party decorations here including hanging paper fans, lanterns, tinsel backgrounds, streamers, banners, garlands, tea light candles and more.

Blulu Picnic Party Decorations Red Paper Lanterns Checkered Round Hanging Lanterns for I Do BBQ Pizza Party Decorations Red and White Party Supplies (White and Red Plaid, Pure Red, 6 Pieces)

Of course you don’t need to go over the top. A few choice red highlight pieces like this stunning ostrich feather centerpiece below could easily help you set the scene beautifully.

Red Party Decorations Feather Centerpiece

Red Party Balloons

For easy red theme birthday decoration ideas you can’t go past balloons. It’s a simple way to theme a party quickly and budget-consciously. There are heaps of varieties of red party balloons here including confetti balloons, balloon garlands and arches.

Valentine's Day Decorations Red White Balloons and White Red Confetti Balloons 36 Pack for Wedding Engagement Bridal Shower Party Birthday Baby Shower Party Supplies Decorations


If your party is going into the night then you’ll definitely want to have a look at these amazing red LED light up balloons that will instantly take your decorating to the next level.

Red Party Theme Ideas

Red Party Food

A super fun way to compliment your red party theme is to add red party food to your party table. Red party food is not terribly difficult to make particularly if your snacks are tomato-based and desserts are strawberry-based.

For example you could serve salsa or hot sauce with corn chips as a great snack. You could also make some delicious bruschetta with lots of tomato topping.

Red Party Food Salsa

Or why not create a delicous fruit platter or fruit salad with lots of red fruits such as strawberries, cherries, watermelon, red apples. Another fun idea is to serve any type of pasta with a tomato-based sauce.

You could also serve pizza with lots of tomato and pepperoni and peppers.

red party food pizza pasta brushetta


Or simply put some red meat on the BBQ such as steak or sausages and serve with tomato sauce and a salad with bell peppers and cherry tomatoes.

Also, watermelon doesn’t have to stay as a sweeter dish. You could make it into a salad with feta cheese, cucumber and mint.

watermelon and feta salad

For dessert the obvious choice is red velvet cake or cupcakes, especially if it is red theme birthday party. Or a strawberry cheesecake, or more simply ice cream with strawberry topping and red jelly.

Or how about red macarons, or a tower of donuts with red icing or candy apples. You could also make strawberries and cream or pears poached in red wine.

Strawberry Cheesecake

If you’re looking for a super easy way to decorate cakes, cookies, cupcakes, slices and even ice-cream then check out this AWESOME selection of red sprinkles. There’s something for everyone here and they are a quick and easy way to decorate without too much effort.

Red Party Drinks

For the adults simply serve red wine, or a Cosmopolitan cocktail or strawberry capricosa. Another idea is to serve sangria or a red punch with lots of red fruit.

For the kids you could make up a color-changing drink. Simply hide a few drops of red food coloring at the bottom of the glass (add lots of ice and they won’t see it). Then pour in lemonade or even sparkling water and the drink will change to a magical red color.

Or serve creaming soda or a watermelon juice for a healthier option.

Red Strawberry Drink

Red Party Favors

For party favors you could either choose to give out little trinkets in red party bags – the trinkets and candy don’t have to be red if you’re hiding them in the party bags.

Or if you do want to go to the next level then there are lots of red party favors here including beads, bubbles, bracelets, stress balls and so much more.

Red Candy Bar

Another way to theme this party beautifully is with a red candy buffet. It’s a great way to decorate a party table area and the added benefit is that guests can take some candy home with them and it doubles as an easy party favor.

Red Candy Buffet

Simply fill some clear glass jars or bowls with lot of red colored candy. Grab some little red candy buffet bags like the super cute bags below and lots of scoops to help serve and you’re ready.

KIYOOMY 100 Pcs Candy Buffet Bags Small Polka Dot Paper Treat Bags (Red and Black, 5 inch X 7 inch) (Red)

Red Party Trivia

If you’re looking for a fun icebreaker for your party then check out this fun printable red trivia game about all things red.

If you really wanted to get in the theme of things play songs from the band Simply Red to add to your party theme. You don’t have to play them all night long though, just a few songs here and there and see if anyone picks up on it.

Red Party Theme Names

If you were looking for some more red party theme names beyond just being about the color red, you could expand upon this theme by incorporating elements of the following party ideas.

Red and Black – Blackjack Party or Casino Themed Party

A blackjack party or a casino party theme can be a great way to incorporate the color red into your party theme. Of course this is a party for adults. Ask everyone to wear something either black or red to get into the swing of things.

Blackjack Red and Black party theme

Firefighter Party for Kids

A firefighter party is a theme that young boys often love for their birthday celebrations and definitely incorporates a lot of red in the decorations.

Firefighter party for kids

Valentine’s Day Parties

A Valentine’s day party is typically themed red. It doesn’t have to be a party for just two…or though it can be.  Instead, invite your favorite couples or your favorite singles for some matchmaking fun. Decorate with lots of red balloons and love heart themed decorations.

Valentine's Day Party theme

Red Carpet Themed Party

A red carpet party theme or a celebrity dress up party is always fun option for a celebration. Make sure you have some red carpet ready to lead up to the front door or party area.

Red Carpet

If you are looking for some other fun color party themes then check them out below:

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Gold Themed Party

I sincerely hope you enjoyed these fun party ideas.  Enjoy your red party theme!

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