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Best Blue Party Themes (easy ideas for your next party!)

If you’ve been looking for some blue party themes, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find lots of blue themed party ideas for adults and kids – there’s something here for everyone. 

These blue themes are great for birthdays and any other special occasion or celebration event.

A blue party theme doesn’t have to be hard to style, you’ll find lots of blue party decorations ideas here to make it a fun yet easy party to theme. Read on for some super fun blue party ideas that you can prepare quickly and have your party turn out great with minimal effort.

Blue party themes

Blue Party Themes

Best reasons to have a blue party theme

The Pantone color of the year 2020 is classic blue. Since blue themes are so on-trend, this in itself is a great reason to style your party blue!

Also, blue party themes are great if you wanted to get away from the typical commercial party themes for kids and would prefer to theme it with their favorite color. It can be a minimalistic party theme if you only want it low-key or you can go all out and have it styled to the hilt.

It’s up to you with this type of theme as it can look good either way.

Blue parties are also popular for baby showers or weddings or children’s birthday parties and adult’s birthday parties too. Blue birthday themes are becoming very popular as are other single color themes.

Read on for some great blue themes for parties.

blue themes

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What is the meaning of the color blue?

The color blue symbolizes trust and calm, peace and serenity. It also represents the sea and the sky.

What are the main shades of blue?

  • Baby Blue
  • Navy Blue
  • Azure Blue
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Cornflower Blue
  • Cyan
  • Indigo
  • Ice Blue
  • Midnight Blue
  • Teal Blue
  • True Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Tiffany Blue
  • Royal Blue

Read on to get some great blue party theme ideas and you’ll be set for your next celebration.

Blue Party Decorations Ideas

Blue themed party decorations are great as there are so many amazing shades of blue, and they will typically all look great together. Especially if you add a highlight color of white or silver to break it up a bit if needed.

You’ll find blue birthday decorations as well as decor to suit any blue party theme or celebration.

Blue Party Balloons

If you thought balloons were boring think again. Balloons are a must-have decoration and an easy ideas to theme a blue themed birthday party or special event.

There is a stunning selection of blue balloons here including balloon garlands, confetti balloons, metallic balloons and every shade of blue balloons that you could possibly think of.

blue party ballooons

If you’re having a night time party you’ll love these light-up LED blue balloons . They are a must-have decoration and while they won’t light up the night, they will add color and look great in any dimly lit areas.

Blue Themed Party Decorations

If you’re looking for blue themed birthday decorations or blue decorating ideas for party then read on. There are so many amazing blue party decorations right here including streamers, garlands, balloons, tea light candles, lanterns, fans, backdrops and more.

You’ll love these blue decorating ideas for party fun. Some of these party supplies are ombre blue and others are lots of different blue tones. If you don’t want to be all blue you can mix it white, silver, grey or black.

You could also choose just to have a few highlight pieces to theme your party such as this absolutely stunning blue ostrich feather centerpiece.

Blue Ostrich Feather Table Centerpiece blue party decor

If your party is going into the night you’ll want to uplevel your decorating with the stunning blue twinkle lights as well.

Blue Party Theme

Blue Themed Party Food

There are not a lot of options for blue party food for things like savory snacks and meals. Your best bet is to have blue themed desserts and sweets. However, all is not lost with your blue theme with your party food snacks, finger food, and main meal.

Simply make sure that you have lots of blue table decor such as disposable party plates, napkins, and cups. You’ll find an amazing selection of party tableware here for serving food in all different blue tones to suit your party colors.

But back to dessert! For some stunningly decadent dessert ideas, you could serve a blueberry pie for dessert or blueberry cheesecake.

blueberry pie - blue party food ideas

Of course, there is always blue jelly or blue ice cream. You could also serve blue macaroons or donuts with blue icing. There are heaps of varieties of blue candy as well to serve.

Absolutely any sort of sweet slice, cookies or cakes can be colored blue easily with blue icing.

Blue party food - blue cupcakes

However, if you’re looking for an easy way to quickly decorate cakes, slices, cookies, cupcakes, and even ice cream then you need to check out this huge selection of AMAZING blue sprinkles to add to your sweet treats.

You’ll find everything from ombre blue, sea, mermaid, space and more. They seriously look amazing on anything sweet foods that you need to theme up quickly in a beautiful blue.

Blue sprinkles for blue party food

Blue Party Drinks

There are quite a few blue cocktails you could make for the adults such as blue punch, blue Hawaiian cocktail, and blue lagoon. A non-alcoholic option would include blue sports drinks.

For the kids, you could make a magical blue color-changing drink by hiding a few drops of food coloring in the bottom of the glass.

Add lots of ice to hide it, then fill the cup with lemonade or sparkling water whilst they watch the drink magically change color.

Or simply serve any of your favorite drinks in blue cups.

Blue Party Drinks

Blue Party Ideas

Blue Party Favors

For party favors, you can either choose to use fun blue party bags with candy and other little trinkets inside or if you want to go next level you can find lots of little blue trinkets and candy to add.

There are heaps of awesome blue party favors here including glowing bracelets, flashing rings, sunglasses, keyrings and more. Or simply have a blue candy buffet and let your guests help themselves to some goodies to take home with them.

Blue Themed Party Food

Blue Candy Bar

A candy bar or candy buffet is a super fun way to theme your party table and it can double as a party favor too if you give your guests little bags to fill up to take home. Simply fill up lots of clear glass jars or bowls with lots of blue-colored candy.

Make sure you have some scoops for serving and grab some little candy bags in these cute designs (they also come in navy) like the bags below. Your party guests will love the sweet treats that they can either eat at the party or take home with them.

Blue Candy Bar bagsWhat to wear to a Blue party?

You should definitely wear blue to a blue themed party and encourage the other party guests to do so as well. It would be good to mention this beforehand on the invitation and let people know whether they need to wear all blue or just one or two blue highlight pieces.

The easy part about dressing up for a blue party is that most people will default to wearing jeans but if you wanted to ramp it up grab a blue wig and lots of blue accessories as well.

Blue Wig for blue party

Blue Themes

If you were looking for some more blue party themes beyond just being about the color blue, you could expand upon this theme by incorporating elements of the following party ideas.

Blue Baby Shower

Of course, a blue baby shower is an obvious way to incorporate blue into a party theme. Usually, baby showers would incorporate a lot of baby blue into the decorations but you could rock the boat and add a more vibrant blue if you prefer.

Baby shower table setting

Frozen Party

A Disney Frozen party has been a popular party theme since the first movie came out and with the second it shows no sign of dipping in popularity anytime soon. Frozen is typically themed with lots of ice blue, aqua and white to offset.

Baby Shark Party

A baby shark party is a newer party theme that has been made popular after the rise of the hit song. It’s a fun theme for very young kids and would also incorporate a lot of blue in the theme.

Baby shark party

Under the Sea Party

An under the sea party is typically themed with lots of blues and sometimes sea green to symbolize the ocean. It is also a popular party theme for both boys and girls.

Wishing you a wonderful blue theme party to remember!

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I sincerely hope you enjoy your blue themed party!

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Blue Party Theme


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