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Best Green Themed Party Ideas

If you’re looking for some fun green themed party ideas then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find lots of fun green party ideas for adults and children. There are green themed birthday party ideas as well as ideas that would suit any type of celebration or special occasion as long as it is related to the color green.

Green party themes are a fun and easy way to theme up a party quickly and they can look really great with minimal effort.

Green Themed Party

Green Themed Party

Best reasons to have a green party theme

Green party themes are fun and are so easy to style (there are lots of ideas below). Green themes are great if you wanted to get away from the usual commercial party themes for kids and it’s so fun to celebrate using a favorite color.

green birthday theme

Also, greenery for parties and special events is very much on trend. It’s even a fun way to have a minimalistic party based on a color – as you don’t need a lot to get this party looking great quickly and easily.

green theme party ideas

Other green party ideas include St Patrick’s day party, go green party, and a green eco-friendly party theme. For kids apart from a green birthday party you could also incorporate dinosaurs for green dinosaur party or a jungle party.

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Green party decorations

What does the color green symbolize?

The color green symbolizes first and foremost our natural environment and more recently being environmentally friendly. It also represents money. Green is the color of life.

What are the main shades of green?

  • Mint Green
  • Emerald Green
  • Frog Green
  • Lime Green
  • Pea Green

Read on to get some great green theme party ideas and you’ll be set for your next celebration.

Green Theme Party

What to wear to a green party?

Green of course. All shades of green. Have your guests decide whether they need to have one item of clothing being green such as a hat or tshirt or ask them to wear everything green.

Green party clothes

Green Party Invitations

Firsty, you’ll want some green invitations to invite your guests and to let them know you are having a green theme party. Set the scene for the green!  You can find a great range of green party invitations that are both digital and/or printed. Some invitations are focused on a very modern greenery design and others simply incorporate stunning green tones. So many beautiful designs to choose from. Check them all out right here.

Green Party Decorations

It doesn’t have to be a green theme birthday party to want to use green party decorations. Any type of celebration or gathering could do with some stunning green party decorations.

First and foremost you could decorate with indoor plants and other greenery or grab some large artificial monstera leaves to decorate with like these here. And I absolutely can’t go past this green leaf confetti table scatter for an awesome leafy decoration.

DIY Tissue Paper Tassels Party Decoration Supplies Sets 15 PCS Tassel Garland Banner for Birthday Party Bridal Shower Wedding Gold Garland Bunting Pom Pom (GM-Gold and Green)

Or if you’re not going for a leafy green theme more of just a color green theme you could find lots of awesome green decorations such as hanging pom poms, garlands and very modern tassels right here.

Green Party-Decorations Heart Paper-Garland Streamers-Banner - 52Ft St Patricks Day Decorations, Spring Summer Birthday Wedding Engagement Baby Shower Hanging Decor Ouruola

Green Party Balloons

If you thought balloons were boring think again. Check out these stunning green confetti balloons.

60 Pieces 12 Inch Agate Latex Balloons Confetti Balloons Colorful Balloons for Jungle Baby Shower Wedding Office Birthday Party Supplies (Green, White)

Or these alternatively if you’re looking for some amazing balloon garlands to wow your party guests there is a large selection here.

RUBFAC 87pcs Dark Green Balloons Different Sizes 18 12 10 5 Inch for Garland Arch, Green Latex Balloons for Birthday Party Baby Shower Wedding Halloween Christmas Party Balloons Decoration

Green Party Food

There are so many amazing green theme party food ideas and fresh is often best. You could make an amazing green salad from an assortment of vegetables such as lettuce, broccoli, avocado, celery, baby spinach, bell peppers, cucumber and more. An avocado dip or guacamole is also another easy and crowd-pleasing idea and extra green if you add some celery sticks for dipping.

Green theme party food guacamole dip

Another fun green finger food idea is grape skewers. Simply thread green grapes with some cheese onto little toothpicks and serve on a platter.

Green party food - grrape skewers

Another easy food ideas is to serve meat from the grill with a green basil pesto sauce, or stir this pesto through spaghetti or another type of pasta.

Green food - green pasta

For dessert  you could make some mint chocolate brownies. Or for a healthy option make an amazing green fruit salad for dessert with green apple, kiwifruit, pears, grapes and honeydew melon. You could add green pistachio icecream or if the kids don’t like that as much you could make green custard with food coloring or ice cream with green sprinkles.

Green Theme party food - green ice cream with sprinkles

QUICK TIP – If you’re looking for a quick hack to decorate cakes, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, slice or even ice cream then check out this most AMAZING selection of edible green sprinkles. There’s something here for every type of green party theme including dinosaur, shamrocks, jungle leaves, emerald sprinkles and all other shades of green.

Green party cake - chocolate cake with green sprinkles

Green Party Drinks

Honestly, green party drinks are the easiest of them all. For kids you can make a green smoothie or a green cordial or soda. Add some lime juice cordial to any drink to make it green, for example you could add it to a glass of Sprite. Or for a more healthier approach add lots of fresh mint and fresh lime pieces into your glass and you can definitely consider that green.

For adults: Midori is of course green but I think the most appetizing green drink is adding your greens to a delicious concoction like below. You could also make a green punch, or a green lantern cocktail or green apple martinis or appletinis. Or why not serve green tea?

Green party drinks

Green Birthday Cake

If you are celebrating a green birthday theme – don’t forget the birthday cake.

green birthday cake

Or you could use some stunning vegan edible green sprinkles like those pictured below to easily decorate a cake or cupcakes. Find them here.

green sprinkles

Image credit: LetThemEatCakesUK

Green Party Favors

If you are thinking of giving out green party favors at the end of the party there are some fun options that you could consider. Grab some green party bags and add whatever goodies you like to them.

The contents of the party bag do not have to be green-themed but if you did want some ideas there are heaps of cool trinkets here such as green bouncy balls, oversized sunglasses, slap bracelets and more.

Or for older kids and adults you could give away a little plant such as a succulent or a tiny cactus something similar.

Green party favors succulents

Or why not set up a green candy buffet? If it’s hard to find all green candy you could also add in some white or black. Don’t forget to add in lots of plants and greenery on your party table too.

green candy buffet

Green Party Trivia

If you’re looking for a fun activity at your green theme party then check out the green party trivia printables here. This green trivia printout is a bit of fun to get people testing their knowledge on the color green. It can also be a good party icebreaker to get people who don’t know each other talking.

For a bit of fun you could also ask every guest to bring something green for to decorate the party table. Let them choose some funny items to bring and display. For example plants, green apples, pears, toy frogs, anything green.

Green Party Music

For some additions to your play list for a laugh you could add the Kermit the Frog song – It’s not easy being green or play anything by the band Green Day.

Green Themes

If you were looking for some more green themes beyond just being about the color green, you could expand upon this theme by incorporating elements of the following party ideas.

St Patrick’s Day Party

A St Patrick’s day party is mostly associated with the color green. The green shamrocks dominate the decorations but anything green goes on this day.

St patricks day party decorations

Go Green Eco-friendly Party

A go green eco-friendly party could be a fun party idea and incorporating the importance of being environmentally-friendly in our every day lives.  Firstly, you could shop for any party items with recylable bags not plastic bags. During the party don’t use disposable items such as plastic plates and bottles if you can help it – and if you need to make sure they can be recyled.

A better greener option for this party would be to serve food and drinks with proper tableware. Consider borrowing from friends and family if you don’t have enough. You could decorate with gorgeous indoor plants and flowers rather than paper or plastic decorations.

If you do use paper decorations make sure you recycle them after the party.

Fill pitchers with water rather than offering bottled water. Only serve as much food as you need to reduce wasteage. Consider giving small plants as party favors or fabric shopping bags to your guests to use and enjoy. At the end of the party make sure that you recycle any cans, plastic bottles or paper that is no longer needed.

go green theme party

Kids Jungle Party

A jungle party theme is a fun party theme for kids that can incorporate many tones of green into the decorations and theming. Look at this awesome green jungle party table below.

Jungle party table

Dinosaur Party

A green dinosaur party needs no formal introduction and is also a fun way to incorporate lots of green into a party theme for kids. Make it extra roarsome with lots of oversized green leafs and and plants like on this party table below.

Dinosaur party table

If you’re looking for some other color party themes check out the others below:

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I sincerely hope you enjoyed these green party theme ideas.  Enjoy your green themed party!

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Green theme party

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