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July Party Themes and Ideas

Are you looking for some super fun themes for parties in July? If so, you have come to the right place. There are heaps of unique ideas for July party themes right here and there is a selection to suit both adults and kids.

These July themed parties would be perfect not only as July birthday ideas but also for other special occasions this month. I sincerely hope you enjoy these July themes for parties for your next gathering or special event.

July Party Themes

A full list of all July party themes is at the bottom of the post.

July Themes for Parties

In the northern hemisphere July is the middle of Summer so a Celebrate Summer party might be a great idea to enjoy the heat. Think pool parties, beach parties, BBQ’s anything outside to enjoy the sunshine.

On the other side of the globe in the southern hemisphere, July is mid-winter so it is the perfect time to get together for a Celebrate Winter party. If you can’t beat the cold, then why not enjoy it with the help of some friends and a fireplace.

Celebrate Winter Party theme

I hope you enjoy the detailed list of July themes for parties below.

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A full list of all July themed parties is at the bottom of the post.

July Party Themes

People that celebrate their birthday in July have either the star sign of Cancer (1 – 22 July) or Leo (23 – 31 July). You could have a Cancer themed party celebrating that special in your life. It’s hard to find zodiac party decorations in your local store so here are some great Cancer themed party decorations to make your party extra special.

Likewise if you’re looking for Leo themed birthday decorations check out this awesome set below to up level your party theme. They also have decorations for the other zodiac / star signs  so check them out here PrintablePartyStudio.

Leo Party Decorations

July Themed Parties

A favorite and fun party theme that would suit a July party is a Celebrity Dress Up party. The catch is that the famous person you dress up as must also have a July birthday.

But to make it easier, if you choose an actor you can dress up as a character they played in a movie. For example as both Daniel Radcliffe and J.K. Rowling both have a birthday in July, so you could easily dress up in a Harry Potter costume.

Male celebrities / famous figures that were born in July include: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, O.J. Simpson, Kevin Hart, Harrison Ford, George W. Bush, Alexander the Great, Nelson Mandela, Woody Harrelson, Julius Caesar, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, Will Ferrell, Daniel Radcliffe, 50 Cent, Ringo Starr, Mick Jagger, Julian Assange, Richard Branson, Wesley Snipes, Carl Jung, Dalai Lama, Edmund Hillary, David Hasselhoff, Carlos Santana.

Female celebrities / famous figures that were born in July include: Kristen Bell, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Margot Robbie, Kate Beckinsale, J.K. Rowling, Sandra Bullock, Frida Kahlo, Monica Lewinsky, Liv Tyler, Lisa Kudrow, Lindsay Lohan, Pamela Anderson, Camilla Parker Bowles, Courtney Love, Jessica Simpson, Terri Irwin, Miss Elliott, Ginger Rogers.

Celebrity Dress Up Party

Themes for Parties in July

Thank you to timeandate and daysoftheyear there are a lot of interesting party theme ideas based on some fun, weird and wonderful International Days in July. Some are trivial but awesome, think Cheesecake Day (30 July) is fake? Nope it’s real and it’s great excuse to indulge. Read on for some great July party ideas.

Full list of all July party themes is at the bottom of the post.

Christmas In July Party

Christmas in July is a great way to experience the contrasting seasons whilst having an (albeit smaller) Christmas celebration. For those in Australia or the southern hemisphere it is a great way to experience the joys of a winter Christmas similar to our USA and European friends.

For those in the northern hemisphere having Christmas in July is a great way to celebrate Christmas outdoors, without the blistering cold.

So get ready and grab out your Christmas decorations including your tree and for an epic Christmas in July celebration. If you can’t face putting up a full Christmas tree again grab a mini Christmas tree here.

You’ll get to enjoy it twice a year from now on, so why not!

Also instead of buying expensive presents look at doing a Secret Santa or Kris Kringle gift exchange.

Christmas in July

Picnic Party

Picnic Month (July)

July is the perfect month for a picnic, so why not turn it into a party with some friends and family. Grab lots of blankets to sit on and have everyone bring their own drinks and serve some yummy finger food.

If you’re wanting to dress up your picnic party and decorate with that traditional picnic red gingham look, you’ll find heaps of picnic party supplies here.

Sieral 200 Pcs Party Supplies for 25 Guests Disposable Tableware Kits with Paper Plates, Cups, Napkins, Cutlery and Straws for New Year Birthday Picnic BBQ Wedding Party Decorations(Red, White)

4th of July Party

(Independence Day)

A party for the 4th of July of course does not need any sort of formal introduction! It’s a great time to get together with family and friends to celebrate the significance of this holiday.

The stores are usually flooded with awesome decorations prior to this date but if you’re looking for something a little special, then check out this awesome stars garland.

4th of July party garland decorations

BBQ Party

(BBQ Day)

A BBQ party is a great way to get together with friends for any occasion at all. If you wanted to avoid the men gathering by the grill and the women chatting by the tables, then here is the perfect way to get everyone together and have some fun at your next BBQ.

Grab some giant outdoor games such as giant Connect 4, giant Dominos, giant Jenga…you’ll find them all and more right here. They are all super-sized and perfect to play outside, and sheer size of them makes it hard not to join in on the fun.

Fangleland BBQ Birthday Party Decorations BabyQ Happy Birthday Banner Cupcake Toppers Red Checkered Picnic Tablecloth Pig Sauce Bottle Balloons for Picnic Party Supplies

Ice Cream Sundae Party

Ice Cream Month (July) & Ice Cream Day (21 July)

An ice cream sundae party is a deliciously fun idea for a party. Simply set up a DIY icecream sundae bar with lots of colorful bowls, toppings, candy and ice cream and invite your guests to create something sweet to eat.

Get set with everything you need with these great ice cream sundae supplies.

Ice cream party supplies

Comedy Party

Joke Day (1 July)

A comedy party is a great way to get together to celebrate an occasion and it’s lots of fun. You could set your party area up like a comedy club with a make-shift stage, microphone and chairs for the audience.

Those party guests that are extraverted might enjoy telling jokes for everyone’s enjoyment. You could also have some great comedy sketches playing on TV in the background, think Jerry Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy, Michael McIntyre….or any of your favorites.

Make sure you also have an open bar happening for the drinks to get everyone in the swing of things.

If you have a larger crowd and want to make sure that the comedian can be heard, then you may need a portable microphone set like this one. It can be used to play music through as well and of course karaoke too – for when the mood strikes.

JYX 66BT Karaoke Machine with 2 UHF Wireless Microphones, Portable Bluetooth PA System with Shoulder Strap, Subwoofer Support TWS, Radio, AUX in, REC, Bass&Treble for Party/Meeting/Adults/Kids

Canada Party

Canada Day (1 July)

Canadians around the globe will be ready to celebrate this party theme. You’ll find everything you need (and I mean EVERYTHING) for your Canada party right here. From tableware to banners, from flags to headbands…you’ll be easily set to theme your party in absolutely no time at all.

Canada party theme

Reggae Party

International Reggae Day (1 July)

A reggae party theme is a super fun theme that is not hard to pull off. You can find some amazing reggae party decorations here to make it simple and easy to theme this party, including table cloths, rasta hanging decor and hilarious sunglasses.

Put on your favorite reggae Spotify playlist and you’re ready.

100 Pieces Juneteenth Day Latex Balloons Jamaica Rasta Reggae Balloons Red Green Yellow Black White Round Balloons for Black History Month 420 Party Freedom Day Party Favors (12 Inch)

Alien Party

World UFO Day (2 July)

An alien party theme is fun for adults and children alike. Area 51 parties have been popping up all over the globe recently, so an alien party them will definitely be on trend.

There are lots of awesome alien decorations here and you have to check out the hilarious alien sunglasses.

If you’re looking for a quick hack for something easy but equally amazing to help decorate your alien party food then I’ve got you covered.

Grab some amazing UFO sprinkles that would be perfect to use to decorate cupcakes, brownies, cookies, cakes, icecream.

Alien Sprinkles

Photo courtesy: Etsy

Chocolate Lovers Party

Milk Chocolate Day (28 July) & Chocolate Day (7 July)

A chocolate party can be a great theme for adults or children as let’s face it most of us have a sweet tooth and if there is chocolate involved everyone is happy.

You could have an amazingly delicious chocolate fountain for your guests to enjoy or simply create an awesome chocolate themed candy buffet.

Chocolate fountain for a chocolate party theme

Alternatively, if you’re thinking of throwing a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory party then there’s heaps of awesome costumes and party props right here.

More July Party Themes

Rock Painting Party

International Rock Day (13 July) 

A rock painting party is a great party theme for adults and/or kids. It’s easy to prepare for as you’ll only need some rock painting supplies and refreshments and you’re ready to go.

Here’s some great (and inexpensive) rock painting kits and you’ll also probably need plastic tablecloths as this could get a little messy. It’s not just about painting silly faces, the sky is the limit.

You could do floral designs or paint the rocks white first and do henna type patterns with darker paint. Or just let your guest’s creative spirit run wild.

Rock painting party theme

 Math Party

Math 2.0 Day (8 July)

A math party is a great theme for those math whizzes out there. Check out the great stuff you can find right here for a math’s party including Pi balloons, ruler slap bands, rubiks cubes and more. Who knew maths could be so much fun?

Math Party Decorations Math Birthday Party Supplies Includes Math Birthday Banner, Cake Topper, Cupcake Toppers, Balloons for Math Classroom Party Math Party

Shark Party

Shark Awareness Day (14 July)

Are you game to have a baby shark party? If you’ve had enough of baby shark but you are still keen to have a shark party there are lots of under the sea and shark decorations here.

Shark Party Theme

Tattoo Party

National Tattoo Day (17 July)

So this party theme is not for everyone, but it definitely will be a favorite for some people. Why not throw a tattoo party for your next get together or special occasion. You’ll definitely need a professional tattoo artist to attend.

It would make sense to have some of your guests’ design ideas drawn up prior to the party and to give to the tattoo artist in advance.

Obviously this party will not be the time for a full sleeve but definitely a great time for something small and fun. And it might be better to serve mocktails at this party, especially prior to getting a tattoo…you want to make sure before you get inked.

Metal Art Wall Decor Tattoo Shop Sign Home Definition Sign Tattoo Design Metal Sign Vintage Home Decor Rustic Aluminum Tin Signs Wall Art Metal Poster for Garage Bar 12x8 inch

Vegan Food Party

Independence from Meat Day (4 July)

The vegan lifestyle is definitely trending with more people trying it on for size. Why not have a vegan food party for your next gathering. Even non-vegans can enjoy some delicious plant-based food at this party.

Vegan Food Party Theme

Bee Party

Don’t Step on a Bee Day (10 July) 

There are so many AMAZING (you have to see these) bee party decorations including spectacular balloon sets and table centrepieces to make theming this type of party an absolute stylish breeze.

158 PCs Bee Party Decorations, Hombae Happy Bee Day Themed Birthday Party Decorations Backdrop Balloon Garland Banner Tablecloth Cake Cupcake Toppers Cutout Honey Bumble Bee Yellow Black

Candy Land Party

Lollipop Day (20 July)

A candy land party theme is certainly a fun idea for kids. Set up an awesome candy buffet and they’ll be in sugar heaven. There are lots of bright candy land party decorations here to help you make this the sweetest party ever.

Candy Land Party

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this list of unique party themes for a July party.

July Party Themes:

  • Celebrate Summer Party (Northern Hemisphere)
  • Celebrate Winter Party (Southern Hemisphere)
  • Cancer Party
  • Leo Party
  • Celebrity Dress Up Party (Famous figures with a July birthday)
  • Christmas in July Party
  • Picnic Party
  • 4th of July Party
  • BBQ Party
  • Ice Cream Sundae Party
  • Comedy Party
  • Canada Party
  • Reggae Party
  • Alien Party
  • Chocolate Lovers Party
  • Rock Painting Party
  • Math Party
  • Shark Party
  • Tattoo Party
  • Vegan Food Party
  • Bee Party
  • Candy Land Party

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