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Best June Party Themes for 2024

If you’re thinking of throwing a June party, then you’ve come to the right place. There are heaps of ideas here for June party themes for adults and children – there’s something for everyone.

These themes for parties in June are suitable not just for birthdays but for all special occasions – or simply no occasion at all. After all this month is a great time for a party – you don’t need an excuse. I sincerely hope you enjoy these June themed parties.

June Themed Parties

Full list of all June party themes is at the bottom of the post.

June Party Themes

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June is the first month of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere so it’s the perfect time for a pool party or beach party to celebrate the warmer weather. Why not have a Welcome Summer party or a Surfs Up Summer party. To make it easy to theme you could decorate with some awesome surfs up party decor below.

Surfs Up Party Decor

Alternatively in the Southern Hemisphere, June signals the beginning of Winter. You could throw a Hello Winter party to celebrate the start of the cold weather.

I hope you enjoy the detailed list of June party themes below.

June Birthday Party Ideas

People that celebrate their birthday in June have either the star sign of Gemini (1 – 21 June) or Cancer (22 – 30 June).  You could have a themed party celebrating that special Gemini in your life. It’s hard to find Gemini party decorations in your local store so here are some great Gemini themed cake toppers to make your party extra special.

Likewise if you’re looking for Cancer themed birthday decorations check out this awesome set below to up level your party theme. They also have more decorations for the other star signs too so check them out here at PrintablePartyStudio.

Cancer Party Decorations Zodiac Party Decor

June Themed Parties

A favorite and fun party theme that would suit a June party is a Celebrity Dress Up party. The catch is that the famous person you dress up as must also have a June birthday. But to make it easier, if you choose an actor you can dress up as a character they played in a movie. For example, both Johnny Depp and Gene Wilder have a birthday in June so it would be perfectly valid to dress up as Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Male celebrities / famous figures that were born in June include: Donald Trump, Kanye West, Mark Wahlberg, Johnny Depp, Boris Johnson, Lionel Messi, George Michael, Edward Snowden, Mike Tyson, Tupac Shakur, Paul McCartney, Liam Neeson, Geroge H. W. Bush, Michael J. Fox, Morgan Freeman, Tim Allen, Dean Martin, John Goodman, Ice Cube, George Orwell, Bear Grylls, Gene Wilder, Russell Brand, Lionel Richie, Boy George,

Female celebrities / famous figures that were born in June include: Marilyn Monroe, Courteney Cox, Judy Garland, Angelina Jolie, Ariana Grande, Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, Lana Del Rey, Meryl Streep, Helen Hunt, Selma Blair, Khloe Kardashian, Elizabeth Hurley, Cyndi Lauper, Erin Brockovich, Paula Abdul, Joan Rivers, Nancy Sinatra.

Celebrity Dress Up Party Theme

Themes for Parties in June

Thank you to timeandate and daysoftheyear there are a lot of interesting party theme ideas based on some fun, weird and wonderful International Days in June. Some are trivial but awesome, think Rocky Road Day (2 June) is fake? Nope it’s real and we’ll be celebrating with this delicious chocolate treat. Read on for some great themes for parties in June.

Full list of all June party themes is at the bottom of the post.

Milkshake Party

World Milk Day (1 June)

A milkshake party is a super fun party theme when you want to keep it simple, yet fun. You could have a DIY milkshake bar set up with lots of fun toppings and colorful straws. Or to ramp it up make it a freakshake instead. If you’ve never heard of them you’re in for a treat. Basically it’s a milkshake with as many fun toppings as you can imagine. Donuts, cotton candy, cake, brownies, pretzels, cookies, candy…anything you can fit on…the more piled up it is the better.

Freakshake for milkshake party

Bike Party

World Bicycle Day (3 June)

Dirt bike party, mountain bike party, BMX bike party, Tour de France party, the choice is yours when you feel like celebrating all things biking!

There’s some great bike party decor here to make it quick and easy to theme and check out this dirt bike motorcross party printable set.

Mosailles Bike Birthday Party Decorations, BMX Bday Banner Biking Cake Topper Bicycle Poses Cupcake Toppers Latex Balloons Extreme Sports Fans Birthday Party Supplies 51Pcs

Cat Party

Hug Your Cat Day (4 June)

A cat party is a great way to celebrate your favorite furry friend. It doesn’t have to your cat’s birthday why not have a ‘love your cat party’ this month instead. There are so many amazing cat party decorations here to theme your party.

Cat Party Theme

Seaside Party

Fish and Chip Day (5 June)

There’s nothing easier than getting some friends and family together by the beach for an impromptu or casual party / gathering. Grab some fish and chips to eat and bring lots of drinks in your cooler and you’re set.

Don’t forget your blue tooth wifi speakers for some cool tunes. These speakers here are waterproof just in case!

Make sure you have several large sand-free beach blankets to bring with you for everyone to sit on.

JeVenis Beach Party Decoration Beach Pool Party Supplies Summer Sun Balloons Beach Party Backdrop Banner for Luau Hawaii Beach Pool Party

Doughnut Party

Doughnut Day (5 June)

A doughnut party is such a fun idea for a party theme…as most people love donuts and you can style it up easily with some of these great decorations, including the donut grow up banners.

It’s a cool party theme for girls particularly that are in the inbetween (tween/early teen) age where they are not sure what type of party theme to have. If not a party theme then why not replace the traditional birthday cake with a stacked donuts cake. It’s super easy to assemble and guaranteed to please!

Doughnut stack birthday cake

Hot Air Balloon Party

Hot Air Balloon Day (5 June)

There are lots of amazing hot air balloons party supplies including the chinese lanterns that you just have to see. These would suit a myriad of occasions from birthdays, to first birthdays, to baby showers and Christenings.

You also must check out these amazing balloon nets to decorate your party, as a stunning centrepiece or amazing decor item.

Hot air balloon party theme

Cupcake Party

Cupcake Day (14 June) 

A cupcake party theme is an easy way to theme a party. You can make it as over the top or low key as you like. You could also have cupcake decorating as an activity by setting up a DIY cupcake table. Or have some extra cupcakes prepared in these cute little boxes for everyone to take home as a party favor.

If you are looking for a quick way to decorate your cupcakes for a specific party theme or color you absolutely MUST check out all of these amazing cake sprinkles. There’s absolutely something to suit everyone and every party theme.

36 Pcs Donut Cupcake Party Hanging Paper Lanterns Donut Cupcake Hanging Swirls Paper Flowers Pom Poms Sprinkle Party Decorations for Kids Girls Birthday Party Baby Shower Sweet Candy Party Supplies

Farm Party

Farm Workers Day (11 June)

A farm party is a great idea for young kids and it can be relatively easy to theme. Grab a couple of hay bales if you dare to use as a table/centerpiece, some red and white checkered tablecloths and lots of cool farm decorations like these.

Or if you’d prefer you can focus on just one farm animal when theming your party. My vote is for very stylish cow decorations like these below.

PartyWoo Cow Party Balloons, Farm Party Balloons Set of Cow Foil Balloons, Cow Print Balloons, Baby Pink Balloons, Walking Cow Mylar Balloon for Farm Birthday Party, Farm Animal Theme Party

Superman Party

Superman Day (12 June)

A Superman party is a timeless way to celebrate that super person in your life and it would suit all ages, even a milestone party.

You’ll love these superman party supplies. There is literally everything you need to make your Superman party super amazing including table decor, party bags, favors, balloons and more.

Seyal® Suprman Theme Birthday Supplies


Tapas Party

World Tapas Day (16 June)

A tapas party is a great and casual way to get people together and share the love of this type of food. Simply find some easy tapas recipes to pre-prepare (so that you can enjoy the party too). Serve with Sangria or your favorite drinks and have some fun Spanish music playing in the background.

Make sure you have lots of plain or decorative tapas plates to serve your amazing tapas spread.

Softball Party

World Softball Day (13 June)

If you have a softball fan and/or player in your household this could be the perfect party theme. There are heaps of softball party decorations here to make it easy to theme. It would be a fantastic party to have outside where weather permits so that you can have a makeshift pitch set up.

115 Pcs Softball Party Decorations Softball Birthday Decorations Including Plates Softball Tablecloth Happy Birthday Banner Balloons Cup Knife Spoon Forks Tableware Set Disposable Dinnerware for Kids

Skateboarding Party

Go Skateboarding Day (21 June)

A skateboarding party is an awesome party theme for boys who love their skateboarding. If they don’t want over the top party decor then definitely check out this full set of skateboarding party decorations to make decorating this party theme a breeze!

Skateboarding party decorations

Fairy Party

Fairy Day (24 June)

A fairy party is such a fun and magical party theme. You can have several variants of this party such as a woodland fairy party, or a Tinkerbell party, fairy princess party or an enchanted fairy party.

fairy party photo booth backdrop

Image Courtesy: Etsy

However, a new type of fairy party is catching on and this is a fairy garden party theme. This is where each of  your party guests get to create a magical fairy garden of their own, that they can take home with them after the party.

These micro ferns are the perfect base for your fairy gardens and paired a couple of sets of these gorgeous fairy ornaments you are ready for a very memorable party.

Fairy garden for fairy party

The Beatles Party

Global Beatles Day (25 June)

A Beatles party theme would be super fun for adults of all ages and is especially remaining relevant since the younger generation will know them too after the recent movie ‘Yesterday’.  Grab your best Beatles Spotify playlist and these must have Beatles decorations and you’re set!

Rock and Roll Party Decorations 60s Retro Rock Music Party Streamers Hanging Swirls Decor 24Pcs Party Ceiling Decor Banner Supplies Event Birthday Party Decor

Pamper Party

Beautician’s Day (26 June) 

A pamper party or a spa party theme is great for girls of all ages. You could have an area set up for your guests so that you can do manicures, pedicures or facials. For super cute photos grab some matching gowns and slippers.

For this party theme look for an amazing pamper party cake decorating kit – it will make the most awesome spa party birthday cake ever. 

Spa Party Cake Decorations

Image courtesy: Etsy

Knitting Party

Worldwide Knit in Public Day (13 June)

Is knitting coming back? If the adult coloring book phase was helping us all to be more mindful then surely knitting could make a comeback for the younger generation as a much needed technology break. Of course there’s always Netflix in the background whilst your knitting if you prefer.

Anyway whilst this may not be a rocking party theme for younger generations, it might be a fun theme for any of your crafty friends. And there’s no doubt that your Grams will love this theme for her birthday. Grab lots of colorful wool and knitting needles, make sure there are comfy chairs and fun finger food snacks.

How cute are these knitting cake toppers. Find them here.

knitting cake toppers

Image credit: AllThingsCakeToppers

Pineapple Party

Pineapple Day (27 June)

A pineapple party is a fun party theme for all ages and you can make it as tropical as you like. It’s a great ‘around the pool’ or outdoors type party theme. Serve lots of fresh fruit (including pineapple of course) and lots of fun options for decorating your party table with actual pineapples.

If you’d like to have a Party like a Pineapple party you will love these bright pineapple decorations.

Pineapple party food idea

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this list of unique party themes for a June party.

June Party Themes

  • Welcome Summer Party (Northern Hemisphere)
  • Surfs Up Party
  • Hello Winter Party (Southern Hemisphere)
  • Gemini Party
  • Cancer Party
  • Celebrity Dress Up Party (Famous figure with a June birthday)
  • Milkshake Party
  • Bike Party
  • Cat Party
  • Seaside Party
  • Doughnut Party
  • Hot Air Balloon Party
  • Cupcake Party
  • Farm Party
  • Superman Party
  • Tapas Party
  • Softball Party
  • Skateboarding Party
  • Fairy Party
  • The Beatles Party
  • Pamper Party
  • Knitting Party
  • Pineapple Party

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