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Best May Party Themes (22 Ideas You’ll Love to Celebrate)

If  you’re looking for some great ideas for May party themes then you have come to the right place. I have compiled a comprehensive list of May themes for parties with a selection to suit all ages.

There are May birthday party ideas for adults and kids as well as other special occasions to celebrate this month. I sincerely hope you enjoy this mix of ideas for May themed parties.

May Party Themes

May Party Themes

The season of May signals the end of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Why not have a Celebrate Spring party to enjoy this beautiful season.

Celebrate Spring Party Theme

Alternatively in the Southern Hemisphere spring signals the last month of Autumn. You could have an amazing Celebrate Autumn party to enjoy the milder weather before Winter hits.

I hope you enjoy the detailed list of May themes for parties below.

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Full list of all May party themes is at the bottom of the post.

May Birthday Party Ideas

Do you want to celebrate someone born in May that deeply resonates with their star sign? Why not have a May birthday star sign party? People that celebrate their birthday in May have either the star sign of Taurus (1 – 21 May) or Gemini (22 – 31 May).  You could have a themed party celebrating that special in your life. It’s hard to find zodiac party decorations in your local store so here are some great Taurus themed cake toppers to make your party extra special.

Likewise if you’re looking for Gemini themed birthday decorations check out this awesome set below to up level your party theme. (They also have decorations for other star signs too – so definitely check them out at PrintablePartyStudio).

Gemini party decorations

May Themed Parties

A favorite and fun party theme that would suit a May party is a Celebrity Dress Up party. The catch is that the famous person you dress up as must also have a May birthday. But to make it easier, if you choose an actor you can dress up as a character they played in a movie. For example, Mike Myers has a birthday in May so you could dress up as Austin Powers.

Male celebrities / famous figures that were born in May include: Dwayne Johnson, Clint Eastwood, John F. Kennedy, Robert Pattinson, Mark Zuckerberg, Malcolm X, Bob Dylan, Bing Crosby, Marshmello, David Attenborough, Sigmund Freud, John Wayne, George Clooney, Chris Brown, Karl Marx, The Notorious B.I.G., David Beckham, Lenny Kravitz, Pierce Brosnan, Dennis Rodman, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Novak Djokovic, Bono, Mr T.

Female celebrities / famous figures that were born in May include: Audrey Hepburn, Adele, Priscilla Presley, Megan Fox, Kylie Minogue, Cate Banchett, Patti LaBelle, Nicole Brown Simpson, Katharine Hepburn, Brooke Shields, Janet Jackson, Naomi Campbell, Joan Collins, Donatella Versace, Grace Jones, Joanna Lumley.

Celebrity dress up

May Themes for Parties

Thank you to timeandate and daysoftheyear add links there are a lot of interesting party theme ideas based on some fun, weird and wonderful International Days in May. Some are trivial but awesome, think Eat What You Want Day (11 May) is fake? Nope it’s real and I’m ready to celebrate that one for sure. Read on for some fun May party ideas.

Full list of all May party themes is at the bottom of the post.

Dog Party

Purebred Dog Day (1 May)

Whether it’s your dog’s birthday or not, if you wanted to have a party to celebrate how much you love your favorite furry friend then why not have a Dog Party. You can invite both dogs and humans of course! Definitely check out these awesome dog party hats – you can order them in a variety of sizes and colors.

Dog Party Hat for Dog Birthday Party

Space Party

Space Day (1 May) & International Astronomy Day (2 May) 

A Space party is a popular party theme for kids, particularly boys. Decorate with lots of black and silver balloons and star decorations for an out of this world fun party. Make sure you have a couple of astronaut helmets for a fun party dress up and for great guest photos.

To make it easy to theme this party you could grab a full pack of space party supplies like this one below.

Outer Space Birthday Party Decorations, Outer Space Birthday Party Supplies, Space Themed Decoration Include Space (Foil) Balloon/Happy Birthday Banner/Cake Topper/Plate/Napkin/Cup/Tablecloth/Backdrop

Comic Book Party

Free Comic Book Day (2 May)

A comic book party is a super fun and unique party theme for those comic book lovers now and from way back. It’s great for all ages. There are not a lot of comic book decorations out there so you can improvise and combine with a superhero type theme.

If you were looking for a quick and effective way to decorate this theme, you must check out this amazing comic book confetti as the perfect table scatter decoration.

comic book confetti

Image credit: TreeTownPaper

Hawaiian Party

Lei Day (1 May)

Whether you are actually having a Luau or not, a Hawaiian party is a fun party theme. You could have it around the pool or BBQ, both would work well.

Make sure you have a good stock of leis to welcome your guests as they arrive. Have some Hawaiian music playing in the background and lots of tropical drinks to serve. Don’t forget your Hula skirt.

Hawaiian Luau Party Decorations Tropical Luau Theme Aloha Party Pack 171pcs for Summer Beach Holiday (Including Table Skirt, Backdrop, Banner, Balloons, Hibiscus Palm Leaves, Cake Toppers) (Luau-02)

Haunted House Party

Paranormal Day (3 May)

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to have a Haunted House party. It could be a fun take on a housewarming party, or just an excuse to get together for those ghost-hunting friends of yours.

You have to check out these Haunted House decorations, but in particular the changing face picture frames will send an unexpected chill down your guests spine!

Halloween Decorations 3D Changing Face Expression Moving Portrait Picture Frames for Horror Party Halloween House Decoration- 4 Pack Meditation Party

Garden Meditation Day (3 May)

I think this sounds like the most relaxing party idea ever! Have some meditation music playing in the background and lots of comfy cushions and rugs draped around your living room or garden.

Light some candles and diffuse some beautiful essential oils and you have the most chilled party ever. To up level this party theme add some beautiful meditation decor pieces to your party area.

Heopapin Blacklight Seven Chakra Tapestry Yoga Meditation Wall Tapestry UV Reactive Mandala Tapestry Trippy Galaxy Space Tapestry Wall Hanging for Bedroom Home Decor (52.4" L x 39.4" W)

May Party Themes

Star Wars Party

Star Wars Day (4 May) & Revenge of the Fifth Day (5 May)

A Star Wars Party theme is not only popular and enduringly popular at that, but extremely fun to theme. How great are these amazing Star Wars decorations below…just add party food and you’re ready for an intergalactic party.

121pcs Star Birthday Decorations Party Supplies Include Birthday Banner, Balloons, Cake Toppers, Cupcake Toppers, Hanging Swirls, Stickers for Kids and Adults Yo-da Party Decorations


Check out my awesome compilation of the very best and most unique Star Wars party favors in the galaxy!

And if you’re looking for a quick hack to decorate cakes, cookies or icecream at your party, check out this awesome Star Wars lightsaber sprinkle mix.

Pedicure Party

Nail Day (5 May)

A pedicure party is a great idea for a party theme as not everyone may have long fingernails, but everyone definitely has toenails that could do with a pedi. Make sure you have enough emery boards and lots of nail polish colors to choose from. If you really want to ramp it up have some portable foot spas going as well.

Pedicure party theme

Firefighter’s Party

Firefighters Day (4 May)

A Fireman party is a great theme for young budding fireman and also for first birthday parties. Lots of red, yellow and orange streamers and balloons would work well to decorate this theme. 

Firefighter Deluxe Party Supplies Pack (149 Pieces for 20 Guests) - Complete Tableware and Decorations Set - Fireman Party Plates and Napkins, Fire Truck Decorations for Boys, Blue Orchards

Golf Party

Golf Day (6 May)

A Golf party theme can be as fun or refined as you like. Decorate with lots of greenery and golf balls. You could fill up wide vases with golf balls and green streamers and add some tees as well. Hang white chinese lanterns from the ceiling as makeshift large golf ball decorations. There are heaps of golf party decor ideas here to suit both adults and kids, if you’re looking to theme your party quickly and easily.

Future’s So Bright Party

Shades Day (15 May)

The Future’s So Bright, I’ve Got To Wear Shades. I know you remember the song. But a future’s so bright party is perfect around this time of the year for all of those graduating from school over the next month or so. Have everyone wear funny /bright / oversized sunglasses to celebrate.

24 Pcs Happy Birthday Sunglasses Cupcake Toppers, Glitter Baby Shower/Kids 1st 2nd Birthday Cupcake Decor - Summer Beach Theme Party Supplies

Cocktail-making Party

Cosmopolitan Day (7 May) & World Cocktail Day (13 May)

A cocktail-making party is a fun way to get adults together to share their favorite cocktail creations. Have everyone bring a bottle of spirits to bring the cost down. Don’t forget to plan some mocktail options for the designated drivers and those who are not drinking alcohol.

Here’s an awesome bartender kit that has everything you need to shake up those colorful drinks (except for the alcohol and mixers of course).

Cocktail party theme

Train Party

Train day (9 May)

Toot, toot! A train party theme is sure to be a winner for young kids. You can theme this party easily with this stunning train party decoration package.

Train Party Theme

Photo courtesy of Owlie Powlie

Goth Party

Goth Day (22 May)

So it goes without saying that a goth party theme will mean lots of black decorations. A great and effective way to decorate this theme it to replace everyday items with completely black items. Add black roses to vases, black photo frames, black tableware etc. You can find lots of goth party decor here. And have everyone wear black of course.

Cheerland Glitter Black Crow Cage Decorations for Gothic Halloween Tree Hanging Decorations Raven Bird and Cage Banner Garland Backdrop for Horror Theme Birthday Baby Shower Wedding Party Supplies

Belly Dancing Party

Bellydance Day (9 May)

A belly dancing party is an amazingly fun party idea for many ages. Make sure you have some middle eastern music playing in the background – and don’t forget to turn it up when the dancing starts! Make sure you grab a belly dancing scarf prior to the party…or a couple of them for your shyer guests. And it’s totally okay to wear leggings underneath if you prefer.

Belly Dancing Scarf Costume

Top Gun Party

Top Gun Day (13 May)

A Top Gun party is definitely a great milestone party idea for any Top Gun fan. If you’re having one of these awesome parties then you’ll absolutely need an amazing Top Gun backdrop to hang behind your party table or as a photo booth. It’s a great keepsake for the guest of honor and they will no doubt hang it up after the party to remember.

Top Gun Party Backdrop

Photo courtesy: Etsy

Or there are also some other amazing Top Gun party backdrops that can be personalized right here.

Strawberry Party

Pick Strawberries Day (20 May)

A strawberry party theme is a super cute party idea that girls of all ages will love. There are so many amazing strawberry foods that you could serve at the party. Decorate with pink or red, depending on your preference as both would work well for this theme. How super cute are these mini strawberry pinatas an absolute must-have for your strawberry party.

Strawberry pinata

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this list of unique party themes for a May party.

May Party Themes:

  • Celebrate Spring Party (Northern Hemisphere)
  • Celebrate Autumn Party (Southern Hemisphere)
  • Taurus Party
  • Gemini Party
  • Celebrity Dress Up Party (Famous figures with a May birthday)
  • Dog Party
  • Space Party
  • Comic Book Party
  • Hawaiian Party
  • Haunted House Party
  • Meditation Party
  • Star Wars Party
  • Pedicure Party
  • Firefighter’s Party
  • Golf Party
  • Future’s So Bright Party
  • Cocktail-making Party
  • Train Party
  • Goth Party
  • Belly Dancing Party
  • Top Gun Party
  • Strawberry Party

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