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22 March Party Themes (That you’ll love to celebrate)

If you’re looking for some awesome March party themes, then look no further. There are heaps of March party ideas here that will make your party super fun.

You’ll find March birthday party ideas for adults and children as well as March themed parties for any occasion.

Full list of all March party themes is at the bottom of the post.

March Themes

march party themes


In the Northern Hemisphere, March signals the start of Spring. It’s the perfect time for a Hello Spring party. Spring signals the time for rebirth of warmer weather so why not have a party to celebrate.

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In the Southern Hemisphere, March signals the start of Autumn. An Autumn party theme could be a great time to celebrate the start of milder weather.

I hope you enjoy the detailed list of March themed party ideas below.

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March Birthday Ideas

People that celebrate their birthday in March have either the star sign of Pisces (1 – 20 March) or Aries (21 – 31 March).  You could have a Pisces themed party celebrating that special Pisces human in your life. It’s hard to find Pisces party decorations in your local store so here are some great Pisces themed cake decorations to make your party extra special.

Likewise if you’re looking for  themed birthday decorations check out this awesome Aries confetti for table scatter decorations. They also have all the other star signs too.

Aries Table Scatter for an Aries Party

See the very best star signs party theme decorations right here (there is a set for each star sign).

March Birthday Party Ideas

A favorite and fun party theme that would suit a March party is a Celebrity Dress Up party. The catch is that the famous person you dress up as must also have a March birthday. But to make it easier, if you choose an actor you can dress up as a character they played in a movie. Examples of this are Lucy Lawless – you could dress up as Xena Warrior Princess or Daniel Craig – why not dress up as James Bond?

Male celebrities / famous figures that were born in March include: Elton John, Quentin Tarantino, Justin Bieber, Albert Einstein, Bruce Willis, Vincent Van Gogh, Anthony Davis, Daniel Craig, Ron Howard, Ewan McGregor, Kurt Russell, Matthew Broderick, Rob Lowe, William Shatner, Gary Oldman, Chuck Norris, Michael Caine, Alexander Graham Bell, Jerry Lewis, Chris Martin, Steven Tyler, Michelangelo, Al Gore, Tommy Hilfiger, Harry Houdini, Jon Bon Jovi.

Female celebrities / famous figures that were born in March include: Lady Gaga, Liza Minnelli, Reese Witherspoon, Mariah Carey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Keira Knightley, Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes, Rebel Wilson, Jennifer Grey, Diana Ross, Eva Longoria, Queen Latifah, Aretha Franklin, Sharon Stone, Tracy Chapman, Lucy Lawless.

March Party Themes

Thank you to timeandate and daysoftheyear  are a lot of interesting party theme ideas based on some fun, weird and wonderful International Days in March. Some are trivial but awesome, think White Chocolate Cheesecake Day on 6 March is fake? Nope it’s real and it sounds like a great excuse to eat something delicious.

It’s also Procrastination Week from 2 – 9 March; so if you were thinking of having that party in March…why not put it off until April??  Read on for some fun ideas for March themed parties.

Full list of all March party themes is at the bottom of the post.

March Themed Parties

St Patrick’s Day Party

Saint Patrick’s Day (17 March)

Of course in March we can celebrate St Patrick’s day by dressing in green, playing Irish music and enjoying Irish food and last but not least visiting your nearest Irish pub.

You can’t go wrong with any of these amazing St Patrick’s Day decorations.

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Coffee Party

Barista Day (1 March) and Caffeine Awareness Month March 

(No it’s not being aware that you need another cup of coffee, it’s being aware of how much caffeine in food and drink you are consuming a day. – So it could be helpful to make sure that there are decaf options at your party too for those who feel they are overloaded.)

Anyhow…if you fall into the ‘need more coffee’ category then a coffee party theme is a fun way to celebrate that next special occasion. You could set up a Starbucks-insprired type coffee station with party printables like this awesome set up below.

starbucks party theme

Photo credit: EastCoastKidz

Or have a minimalistic elegant set up featuring this stunning caffeination station sign.

Coffee Bar Sign Caffeination Station

Cheerleading Party

Cheerleading Week (1-7 March)

A Cheerleading party is sure to be a winner with the girls. There are so many fun cheerleading party supplies here to choose from. It’s easy to decorate with lots of pom poms and streamers. Choose your favorite team colors or have a bright rainbow theme.

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Blue Party

Dress in Blue Day (1 March)

Why not have a blue themed party. Blue is not just for baby showers. If it’s your favorite color then let is show. Have everyone dress in blue…(easy- hello jeans!) and decorate with lots of blue balloons and streamers and lots of options for awesome blue table scatter.

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Craft Party

(Craft Month – March)

A Craft Party theme is a great idea for those who love to make things. It could suit all ages not just for kids – a craft party could be a great choice for adults too. Perhaps a Mister Maker craft party for young children…or niche it down to a painting party or paper mache party.

For adults a ‘Make and Take Party’ is always lots of fun. If you provide the supplies with the instructions all the party guests could create something amazing or useful whilst enjoying your hospitality. Or buy a couple of cheap easils and grab some paints and a couple of bottles of wine and have a paint and sip party. It’s lots of fun and your guests will have something to take home afterwards to remember how awesome your party was.

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Trash to Treasure Party

Old Stuff Day (2 March)   

A Trash to Treasure party is a great way to get rid of old clothing and other items that you once loved but now no longer need. If you believe someone else might love the items as much as you once did – bring it along to the party.

Have other people bring their pre-loved items and see what treasures you can find. Simply, serve light refreshments and you have an easy and productive party idea.

Trash to treasure party

Dr Seuss Party

Dr Seuss Day (2 March)

These amazing personalized Dr Seuss cake toppers will be the hit of your party. It would even suit an adult’s party for a bit of fun if you can picture it for someone’s 40th? Anyhow, they would be great for any Dr Seuss themed party. Check out their other  personalized cake topper designs too for different party themes as well.

Dr Seuss Cake Toppers

Wildlife Party

World Wildlife Day (3 March)

A Wildlife party theme would be great for animal lovers of all ages. Check out these awesome wildlife party supplies here.

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Toy Soldier Party

Toy Soldier Day (4 March)

A Toy Soldier party has definitely lasted the test of time for a popular theme. Whether you are having a full on Army party theme or a Toy Story toy soldiers party spin off it will definitely be a hit with the boys.

Check out this awesome Toy Soldier / Army party invitation that you can instantly download and edit yourself to customize for your next party.

Toy Soldier Party Invitation

Don’t forget to have a how many toy soldiers in a jar guessing game.

Absinthe Party

Absinthe Day (5 March)

Absinthe Day celebrates the lift of the 95 year old ban of this infamous alcoholic drink. You can find more information about Absinthe here. A very bohemian Absinthe party would be totally fun and unique way to theme an adult’s party.

Have everyone wear green (as the drink is also known as the green fairy). Make sure you have lots of dry ice around the tables to decorate and lots of green or stylish bohemian decorations.

Of course you’ll need an  Absinthe fountain to be the centerpiece and talking point of the party. Or if you really want to level up your party (or relaxing end of the day chill out) check out these amazing Absinthe glasses. 

These glasses are even better than the fountains in my opinion as you will not need any other accessories to enjoy your drink – they are a stylish all in one glass that make drinking Absinthe a breeze.

Absinthe glasses for Absinthe party

Cereal Killer Party

Cereal Day (7 March)

Know someone that loves their cereal so much that you really should throw them a cereal killer party? (Interesting play on words – but I can’t imagine throwing the other kind of serial party). Let’s stick with Kelloggs shall we!  Even if you don’t have a party theme per se but you bust out some cakes with these awesome toppers in their honor they will love them.

cereal killer cupcake toppers

Photo credit: Etsy

Barbie Party

Barbie Day (9 March) & Ken Day (13 March)

Hello Barbie, let’s go party……with or without Ken, a Barbie party is an iconic party theme that is still popular as the years go on.

You know you want a Barbie Doll cake too. Remember the one where the cake is the dress and the Barbie doll sits in the middle? Grab one of these princess cake pans to make it an easier task to make.

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March Party Themes (continued)

Super Mario Party

Mario Day (10 March)

March 10th is the perfect day to celebrate Mario and have a Super Mario party. Do you know why it’s on this particular date?  Mar10 (the date) looks like Mario.

But aside from that, why not have a Super Mario party theme to celebrate the junior gamer in your life….or as a throwback to those days before Call of Duty became the game of choice. Here are some awesome Super Mario decorations that will help you style your party in a flash.

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Crazy Hair Party

International Wig Day (10 March)

If you love a dress up party, but at the same time don’t want to make it too hard for everyone to participate, then a crazy hair party is a great theme to choose. It’s easy to throw on a wig or style up your hair and makes for some fun photos. A crazy hair theme is a great ice-breaker as well for those who don’t know each other very well.

Check out these amazing crazy hair wigs for an easy way to style your hair for this party theme. Or there’s also lots of great crazy hair accessories if you’re not looking for wigs and want to style up your own hair.

Crazy Hair Party

Science Party

Science Education Day (14 March)

Science parties have had a massive surge in popularity recently and what a great theme for both boys and girls alike. There are so many great Science party decorations and accessories to easily theme up your best party ever.

Depending on the age of the kids you could do some fun and easy science experiments. Think exploding bicarb soda and vinegar or mixing colors in test tubes. Or there are possibly educators in your area that may come along to do a science show for your guests.

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Harry Potter Party 

Gryffindor Pride Day (22 March) & Ravenclaw Pride Day (23 March)

Have you read ALL the books or seen the movies? If you have a Harry Potter fan in your household it could be the perfect choice for their next party theme.

There are so many amazing Harry Potter decorations here. Some are printable and some are made for you. It makes it super easy to theme an amazing party. 

Don’t miss our guide to easily making your own Harry Potter cupcakes.

Check out this amazing Harry Potter Cake Topper below. An easy hack to make an awesome and quick Harry Potter Cake. Grab one of these and you’re ready!

Harry Potter Cake Topper

Photo credit: Etsy

Silent Reading Party

Return Borrowed Books Week (3-9 March) & World Storytelling Day (20 March)

Have you thought of hosting a Silent Reading Party? This type of party doesn’t have to be at your home but of course it could be.

Simply invite people with instructions to bring their favorite book or the book they are currently reading and let them know the duration of the party, particularly the silent part. You can serve refreshments afterwards, when the silent part is over.

Have some quiet classical music playing in the background, lots of comfy cushions or chairs and enjoy! You might want to add a twist to the party where everyone must bring a gift of another book to gift to another guest at the party. The books can be displayed and each guest can choose the book they would like to take home.

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Paella Party

Spanish Paella Day (27 March)

If you want to cut costs have everyone bring some chicken or seafood of their choice to add to the huge paella dish.  You’re definitely going to need a large paella pan or set for this party’s banquet, especially if you’re making it for a crowd! Unfortunately, I don’t have a favorite recipe to share but google it and see what takes your fancy.

Paella Party

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this list of unique themes for a party in March.

There are lots of other monthly party themes here full of more ideas just for you.

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March Party Themes:

  • Hello Spring Party (Northern Hemisphere)
  • Autumn Party (Southern Hemisphere)
  • Pisces Party
  • Aries Party
  • Celebrity Dress Up Party (Famous Figures with a March Birthday)
  • St Patrick’s Day Party
  • Coffee Party
  • Blue Party
  • Cheerleading Party
  • Craft Party
  • Trash to Treasure Party
  • Dr Seuss Party
  • Wildlife Party
  • Toy Soldier Party
  • Absinthe Party
  • Cereal Killer Party
  • Barbie Party
  • Super Mario Party
  • Crazy Hair Party
  • Harry Potter Party
  • Silent Reading Party
  • Paella Party

March Party Themes


March Themed Parties

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