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Best August Party Themes (14 Ideas to Inspire your August Party)

August is a great month for a party. I’d love to help you with the best August party themes to inspire your next party.  Please read on for some unique ideas for all August themed parties no matter where you are in the world.

Themes for Parties in August

Depending on where you are in the world August marks the end of a season each year. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere the end of August is the end of what might have been a very hot summer. Perhaps you’re ready for some milder weather or if you want to celebrate how amazing summer was…it may be time for an awesome End of Summer party.

If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, August marks the end of what most likely was a cold, chilly winter. You might be ready to shed those woolly coats and celebrate the start of warmer weather and hello Spring! An End of Winter party might be in order for you to celebrate. Read on for some more fun August party themes.

Best August Party Themes

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August Birthday Ideas

People that celebrate their birthday in August have either the star sign of Leo (1 – 22 August) or Virgo (23 – 31 August).

A great excuse to have a Virgo themed birthday party or celebrate your favorite Leo party. What Leo wouldn’t like a good party thrown in their honor anyway? One of the difficulties of throwing a unique party is finding the decorations to theme it. If you are considering a Leo themed party check out this awesome Leo party printables pack. Likewise, if you are looking for Virgo themed party decorations here’s everything you need to up level your party.

There are many celebrities that have birthdays in August and another fun idea would be to have a celebrity dress up party theme. The only catch is that the celebrity or famous person must also have a birthday in August.

Male celebrities / famous figures that were born in August include: Jason Momoa, Billy Bob Thornton, Barack Obama, Michael Jackson, Roger Federer, Neil Armstrong, Sean Connery, Billy Ray Cyrus, Robert De Niro, Magic Johnson, Bill Clinton, Andy Warhol, James Corden, Hulk Hogan, Jack Black.

Female celebrities / famous figures that were born in August include: Madonna, Jennifer Lawrence, Kylie Jenner, Halle Berry, Whitney Houston, Mother Teresa, Lucille Ball, Meghan Markle, Geri Halliwell, Martha Stewart, Coco Chanel, Sandra Bullock.

Elvis Week falls every year in mid August to commemorate his life on the anniversary of his death. An Elvis party theme is a fun idea to remember and celebrate the amazing entertainer that he was. Super fun idea to have Elvis music as well as dress up and even a photo booth.

More August Themes

Here are some other August themes based on fun holidays and special days that have been allocated to each day of the year. Some of them are trivial yet awesome at the same time. Think Ice Cream Sandwich Day (2 August) is that a thing? Yep it’s for real and sounds like fun.

Thanks to timeanddate and daysoftheyear for some of these great daily holidays below. Read on for some great and definitely unique themes for parties in August. Read on for the best August birthday party ideas – or August parties for any special occasion or event.

Full list of August party themes is at the very bottom of this post.

Galentine’s Day Party

Girl Friends Day (1 August)

The perfect reason to host a Galentine’s Day party. A great party idea to express gratitude to your favorite female friends for being truly amazing.

Beer Lover Party / White Wine Lover Party

International Beer Day (2 August) and White Wine Day (3 August)

August party themes for adults only. If you’re into beer and it’s a favorite beverage of yours, then this is a party theme that you will enjoy celebrating. The following day is White Wine Day so if you’re not into beer then have a wine instead and it’s a great fun theme for a party. Wine connoisseurs and beer-drinkers unite!

Watermelon Party

Watermelon Day (3 August)

Watermelon party themes are amazing for all ages after all who doesn’t like watermelon! There are so many cute watermelon decorations – you can download a free watermelon banner here.

Beach Party

Sandcastle Day (3 August)

If you’re near the beach why not have a beach party to celebrate and make sure you take some watermelon with you too to stay on theme. Beach parties are great in summer, but less busy in winter if you’re in the southern hemisphere so winning either way.

Book Lovers Party

Book lovers Day (9 August)

This would be a great party theme for bookworms or a great excuse to start a book club and have regular meetups either virtually or in real life. I love a bookworm party theme. Everyone could bring a book to gift. Or a book to swap with others.

Instagram Themed Party

World Photo Day (19 August)

World Photo Day would be a great excuse for an Instagram themed party for those who love this social media platform. Instagram themed parties are trending right now. At the very least have a party with fabulous decorations and a super-long grazing platter that is Instagram-worthy. And here’s a fun and unique Instagram party game (printable) for you to enjoy.

Burger Bar Party

Burger Day (22 August)

Burger Day is a great excuse to invite friends over for a burger bar party. Set up an awesome self-serve burger bar and see what amazing combinations your friends will come up with. And make sure you name them with a prize for the best and funniest new burger creation.

Celebrate Women Party

Women’s Equality Day (26 August)

Women’s Equality Day – celebrate with the favorite women in your life of all generations.

Camping Party

Toasted Marshmallow Day (30 August)

We don’t need an excuse to enjoy toasted marshmallows around a campfire or bonfire pit. Why not have a camping party. BYO sleeping bags.

Fishing Party

The whole of August is Fishing Month. Why not have a fishing party for that fishing enthusiast in your life. Serve fish and chips, make some fun fish (candy) decorated cupcakes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas for August themed parties. Happy August!

August Party Themes:

  • End of Summer Party (Northern Hemisphere)
  • End of Winter Party (Southern Hemisphere)
  • Celebrate Leos Party
  • Celebrate Virgos Party
  • Celebrity Dress up Party – (as a famous person with an August birthday)
  • Galentine’s Day Party
  • Beer and White Wine Lovers Unite Party
  • Watermelon Party
  • Beach Party
  • Book Lovers Party
  • Burger Bar Party
  • Celebrate Women Party
  • Camping Party
  • Fishing Party

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