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January Party Themes (23 Fun Party Ideas You Don’t Want To Miss)

There are so many fun ideas for a January party and lots right here that I bet you haven’t thought of yet. The silly season is over; however, if you’re still looking for some unique themes for parties in January, then read on.

You definitely want to find a party theme that will be fun and memorable as well as unique. Themed parties are always fun and exciting and will leave your guests with great memories for years to come.

I’ve compiled lots of fun ideas for January party themes that you’re sure to love. There’s something here for everybody in this list. If you want to have an elegant dinner party or just get together with friends for drinks, there’s plenty of inspiration here too! You’ll find inspiration for a January birthday party or any special event you’d like to celebrate during this month.

Plus, the best part? All these great ideas can be done at home without spending tons of money. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start planning your next fun party or get together right now!

january party themes

If you are looking for some January birthday ideas for adults…then why not throw a party? Some of these January parties are great for kids as well. 

January is right in the heart of winter if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere.  It might be time to have an indoors Winter is Here party or a Celebrate Winter party.

If you’re located in the Southern Hemisphere January is the hottest time of the year in the heart of summer. A Celebrate Summer party could be fun by the pool or the beach.

January Birthday Ideas

Here are some more fun January birthday party ideas. People that celebrate their birthday in January have either the star sign of Capricorn (1 – 19 January) or Aquarius (20 – 31 January). You could have a themed party celebrating that special Capricorn in your life.

Likewise if you’re looking for Aquarius themed birthday decorations check out this awesome set below to up level your party theme. It’s hard to find zodiac party decorations in your local store so here are some great Aquarius themed party decorations to make your party extra special.

Aquarius Party Decorations

Find all the star signs party theme decorations right here.

January Party Ideas

A favorite and fun party theme that would suit a January party is a Celebrity Dress Up party. The catch is that the famous person you dress up as must also have a January birthday.

Male celebrities / famous figures that were born in January include: Bradley Cooper, Muhammad Ali, Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Jim Carrey, Nicholas Cage, Rowan Atkinson, Martin Luther King Jr., Kevin Costner, Mel Gibson, Isaac Newton, Phil Collins, Michael Schumacher, Tom Selleck, Al Capone, Marilyn Manson, Howard Stern, Cuba Gooding Jr.,

Female celebrities / famous figures that were born in January include: Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Dolly Parton, Janis Joplin, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michelle Obama, Mary J. Blige, Nigella Lawson.

January Party Themes

Thank you to timeandate and daysoftheyear there are a lot of interesting party theme ideas based on some fun, weird and wonderful International Days in January.

Some are trivial but awesome, think Chocolate Cake Day (27 January) is fake? It’s real and to be celebrated. Read on for some fun January themed parties.

Full list of all January party themes is at the bottom of the post.

Sci-Fi Party

Science Fiction Day (2 January)

Theme up your Sci-Fi party by thinking Star Wars, UFO’s, aliens, spaceships the list goes on. Dress up or not…it’s up to you. So many Sci-Fi party decorations here.

6 Pcs Large Alien Balloons Green Inflatable Alien Prop Space Alien Birthday Party Supplies for Alien Party Halloween Party Backdrop Home Decorations 31.5 Inch

Introvert Party

World Introvert Day (2 January)

Introvert’s unite…yes they can! Just because you’re an introvert it doesn’t mean you don’t like a party. It just means that you would like to party for as long as you feel like, then exit stage left the very minute you’ve had enough.

I love this just leave by 9 banner (pictured below). Super funny yet gets the message across easily so that you don’t need to yawn everyone out of the room.

Introvert Party Decoration - Please Leave By 9 Banner

Photo credit: PaperandPlanes

Find heaps of “Please Leave by 9” banners and cushions and doormats right here.

Buffet Party

Buffet Day (2 January)

A Buffet Party is a great way to feed a crowd. Make sure you are stocked up in advance with all the buffet party equipment.

You’ll regret not having enough food warmers, you’ll be thankful to have them when serving to larger groups. A definite game changer for great food served at the right temperature. Nothing worse than a cold curry or casserole!

LEACCO Chafing Dishes Buffet Set, 4 Pack 8QT Stainless Steel Chafers Food Warmer Trays for Buffets, Parties

Slumber Party

Festival of Sleep Day (3 January)

Not that anyone gets much sleep during a slumber party but it is a lot of fun to wake up with your besties. Here are some great slumber party supplies that you’ll want to stock up on prior to your party.

Slumber Party Decorations

You can find these super-cute monogrammed slumber party decorations here.

Trivia Party

Trivia Day (4 January)

A trivia party is always a fun party theme. You can have questions for adults and for the kids table. Make sure you grab some fun prizes or trophies for the best dressed and smartest and maybe the banana award for the person who comes last!

Decade Awards’ Light Bulb Trophy | Ignite Recognition with the Brilliant Great Idea Award | A Luminous Tribute Standing 6 Inches Tall | Engraved Plate Upon Request
Lightbulb Trophy


Fun Express Top Banana Award Trophy
Banana Trophy

Or a “You’re as Sharp as a Tack” trophy – found right here.

Basketball Party

Harlem Globetrotters Day (7 January)

Basketball parties are an awesome party theme for boys and girls alike. Don’t miss our full guide on the best basketball party theme.

Basketball Party Decorations for Basketball Birthday

You can find these awesome basketball party decorations here.

Freakshake Party

Milk Day (11 January)

Have you heard of a Freakshake before? Well if you haven’t…once you know you can’t unknow this!  Freakshakes are pimped up milkshakes.

Think of the most amazing toppers on a milkshake and you’re there. Donuts, lollies, whipped cream, icecream, sprinkles, pretzels, wafers, fruit, marshmallows, cookies, cotton candy, chocolate sauce….the list goes on. The possibilities are endless which is why this is such a fun idea for a party.

Let your party guests style their own freakshake. Lay out lots of different fun toppers and see what they create. Less is definitely not more, when it comes to creating these. The more over the top they are the better.

Here are some great freakshake ideas. You definitely need to check these out. You won’t be disappointed!

Pet Party

Dress Up Your Pet Day (14 January)

Pet Parties are all the rage. Why not have a party to celebrate your favorite furry friend’s birthday at any time of the year or just a party because pets are awesome.

Pet Party Decorations Lets Pawty Balloons

You can find these great pet party balloons here.

And if you’re looking to dress up your favorite pet there’s so many awesome pet costumes available!

Crazy Hat Party

Hat Day (15 January)

A Crazy Hat party is always a super fun party theme and is a great ice-breaker for people that may not know each other very well. There are so many fun crazy hats out there you could wear for both adults and children.

FlashingBlinkyLights Funny Clown Crazy Hat with LED Lights & Noodle Hair

Ice Cream Party

Strawberry Ice Cream Day (15 January)

Do we ever need an excuse to eat ice cream? As cooling as they are in summer I often think ice cream parties are great in winter too as they don’t melt as quickly. You could set up an self-serve ice cream bar with lots of fun toppings for your party guests to enjoy.

Check out these awesome ice cream party decorations to make your party extra delicious.

Winrayk 141Pcs Ice Cream Party Decorations Birthday Supplies for Girls Pastel Ice Cream Balloon Garland Arch Ice Cream Backdrop Tablecloth Candy Balloon Kids Sweet Ice Cream Birthday Party Decorations

Chili Cook-off Party

International Hot and Spicy Food Day (16 January) & Hot Sauce Day (22 January)

Do you like it hot, hot, hot? A simple but fun party idea is a chili cook off party. Simply ask some friends to bring a slow-cooker or crock-pot full of their hottest, yet tastiest chili.

Line them all up on a table without identifying the chef that prepared them. Have lots of small bowls or cups and spoons set up so that the tasting can begin.

Each chili can be identified by a number and can be scored based on it’s flavor and spiciness. The chili cook out banner below would make an awesome decoration and you can also find matching score cards for the best chili in their shop as well! What could be easier than that!

Chili Cook Off Party Banner Decorations

Movie Party

Popcorn Day (19 January)

Movie parties are super fun to combine with or without a slumber party. Set up lots of beanbags, blankets, cushions in front of your big screen and enjoy.

If the weather allows for it this can be great outside with an inexpensive projector. Make sure you have lots of popcorn and snacks for this party theme.

15 FT Inflatable Projector Screen with Blower, Indoor Outdoor Inflatable Projector Movie Screen for Party Games Backyard Home Theater, Easy Set up Blow Up Screen, Supports Front and Rear Projection

Dance Party

Pop Music Chart Day (4 January) & Disc Jockey Day (20 January)

Dance parties could be great for young kids, tweens, teens or adults. Just choose your music based on your audience and you’ll be ready for a super fun party. Have a play list set up on Spotify.

You can have someone designated to be a DJ or let the play list run on autoplay. Add some disco lighting and you’re ready for an awesome time.

Skylety Music Party Decorations Includes Rose Red Blue Black Tinsel Curtains Music Balloons Music Note Balloons for Music Party Photo Backdrop

Wine and Cheese Party

Cheese Lovers Day (20 January) 

A wine and cheese party is a great theme that is enjoyed by both the guests and the host. The main reason this party theme is so great is that it is very easy to prepare.

As long as the wine is flowing and there are ample tasty cheese platters, your party will be on track. The cheese platters can be prepared in advance so that you are free to enjoy the party with your guests.

Big Dot of Happiness But First, Wine - Wine Tasting Party DIY Decorations - Clothespin Garland Banner - 44 Pieces

Check out this helpful guide for some amazing grazing table ideas.


Play Date Party 

Playdate Day (21 January)

Play Date parties are especially fun for young children as you don’t have to invite lots of kids for it to be a good time. It can be held after school even.

Even if it’s just a few friends you can have an informal celebration…if you don’t want to call it a party then just make it a play date.

Australia Day Party

Australia Day (26 January)

I’m Australian so I couldn’t let January go by without an Australia Day party. It’s the middle of summer in Australia so a great time for a BBQ and pool party with friends. Throw on a hat, some zinc, board shorts and you’re ready.

Australian Flag Australia Birthday Party Supplies Set Plates Napkins Cups Tableware Kit for 16

Nacho Bar Party

Cornchip Day (29 January)

Another month, another excuse for an awesome Mexican Party theme. If you want to hold a nacho average party (do you see what I did there) then have a DIY Nacho Bar set up for snacks. And don’t forget the margaritas.

JeVenis Nacho Average Party Decoration Nacho Average Party Balloons Banner Fiesta Taco Balloons Fiesta Mexican Party Decoration

Art Party

Creativity Month (January)

An art party theme can be great for kids or adults. For kids think lots of color when styling it up. There’s lots of great art party supplies here to make this party super easy and fun.

Art Painting Party Supplies,142pcs Paint Splatter Party Tableware Neon Glow Decorations Set Art Party Dessert Plates Paint Splatter Napkins Let’s Paint Tablecloth for Kids Sip and Paint Party Supplies

For adults a more subdued party look could work. You could have lots of easels and painting or craft supplies around and champagne of course to get those creative juices flowing.

Paint And Sip Party Decorations, Paint And Sip Ideas Party Favors, Paint And Sip Kit for Adults, Paint And Sip Birthday Decorations, Sip And Paint Party Supplies for Date Night, Art Painting Balloons

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this list of unique party themes for a January party.

January Party Themes:

  • Celebrate Winter Party
  • Celebrate Summer Party
  • Capricorn Party
  • Aquarius Party
  • Celebrity Dress-up Party (Famous figure with January birthday)
  • Sci-Fi Party
  • Introvert Party
  • Buffet Party
  • Slumber Party
  • Trivia Party
  • Basketball Party
  • Freakshake Party
  • Pet Party
  • Crazy Hat Party
  • Ice Cream Party
  • Chili Cook-off Party
  • Movie Party
  • Dance Party
  • Wine and Cheese Party
  • Play Date Party
  • Australia Day Party
  • Nacho Bar Party
  • Art Party

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January Party Themes

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